Naked Attraction Host Gobsmacked By Size Of Bloke’s Manhood


Host of Naked Attraction Anna Richardson was rendered dumbfounded by a contestant’s sizeable manhood.

Many people find dating challenging since it can be awkward to start a conversation and discover common ground.

Naked Attraction on Channel 4 skips over all of that and instead focuses on the most awkward aspect of all: seeing each other naked.

However, it’s not that horrible for certain folks, especially if you have a lot to brag about.

Jordan ended up going on a date with Adele on Naked Attraction. Credit: Channel 4

One well-endowed candidate appeared on the show in one of the most recent episodes, leaving Richardson speechless.

The show began with courageous cancer survivor Adele, who was searching for “the one” after dating a number of “bad males.”

Adele was left in awe of all the naked contestants in their coloured pods as the event went on because she gradually got to see more of them.

The person in the red pod, however, particularly drew Adele and Richardson’s attention because of his tremendous manhood.

What do you think of red? the shocked host questioned Adele as he turned to face the guy.

Adele acknowledged that her interest in the potential suitor in front of her was not limited to his male anatomy.

She said that she thought his tattoos looked good, too.

Credit: Channel 4

In response, Richardson gasped: “You’ve got the world’s biggest p**is staring back at you and you’re looking at his tattoos!”

She went on to remark: “We all like a big one but blimey!”

Adele retained the attractive contestant until the end of the competition, when he made it to the last two. Adele was obviously impressed by what she saw.

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He then disclosed that he was a student and that his name was Jordan.

After the rounds, Adele decided to go on a date with Jordan, and the two appeared to click while enjoying some beverages.

At the very end of the episode, it was made clear that not all was as it looked because Jordan had neglected to stay in touch with Adele.

Reflecting on their date, Adele told cameras one month later: “We got on great, we exchanged numbers, we were going to go on a second date.

“And then when you’d text, he’d read it and didn’t reply. So we’ve not spoken since, like, three weeks a go.”

She continued: “If anyone was to say, ‘How was the show?’. I’d totally recommend it for anyone who is wanting to put themselves out there and boost their confidence.

“And I think it proves as well, that you can go through something s***ty like cancer and you can still go out there and do.”