Man Shouts ‘Good Luck’ As Brave Woman Walks Through Back Gate Into Area 51


Woman braves walking through the back gate of Area 51!

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It’s simple to overlook events that occurred before the pandemic with all the bizarre news that has occurred over the past three years.

However, if you think back to 2019, you might recall a strange time when there were plans to storm Area 51, the iconic purported UFO hotspot.

Even though most of the Facebook event was a prank, one woman actually made the decision to ‘invade’ the covert government facility, and one onlooker even wished her success.

On September 20, the anonymous woman entered the famed air base’s gate, despite the fact that two million people had pledged to come.

She casually makes her way past the security gates and into the Nevada desert, evidently on a quest to have a third-kind close encounter.

A group of approximately 20 people who have gathered by the barriers watch in disbelief as one male bystander shouts “good luck” to the courageous woman in the TikTok video.

However, others make assumptions about how far she would advance, with some speculating that she might pass the second security gate when she enters Area 51.

Someone even joked that the woman may be a “alien” because of how quietly and without incurring the wrath of the Air Force she entered the facility.

Despite our best efforts, it turned out that the woman had been detained by officials after passing the second gate before being released, much to the dismay of the approximately 114,000 viewers of the video.

No one else would try the mammoth voyage, despite the odd event being attended by over 200 individuals throughout the day.

There have been several conspiracy theories linked to the Air Force Base, which has always attracted a lot of attention.

The facility, which is infamous for deterring tourists with its abundance of warning signs, CCTV, and armed guards, is built on the dried lakebed of a desert.

Not only that, but it’s also forbidden to fly above the base and the area that has been blacked out on satellite pictures.

Area 51, which was established in 1955 and is located 85 miles north of Las Vegas, wasn’t even officially acknowledged by the CIA until 2013.

Officials claim that it has been used as a training and test facility, despite widespread speculation that it has received visitors from other planets.

In actuality, nuclear weapons testing began in the 1950s at other adjacent military installations until the 1990s – as well as other equipment.

Maybe it’s time to put away those tin foil hats after all.

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