You’ve Been Peeling Your Potatoes Wrong Your Whole Life


Either I’m extremely stupid or…. Had to share in case any other potato peelers are still doing it wrong. 😂😂😂 #potatotiktok #potatoes #peelpotatoes #thanksgiving #fyp

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If you plan to spend Christmas Day in the kitchen, pay attention.

Spend more time basting your turkey and less time peeling potatoes.

You only need to grab a peeler for this one.

Here’s how to peel potatoes properly.

Taylor, a mother of three, claims that we have all been improperly peeling our potatoes.

“Okay, I’ve been peeling potatoes incorrectly my entire life,” she admitted, adding that she was only 29 years old.

Taylor continued “But I’ve been cooking for like a minute and I’ve always been peeling potatoes wrong.”

Taylor said she came upon this hack by accident.

She said: “And I did not see a TikTok I just started doing this and I was like well sh*t, I bet this is how you really use this and I’ve just been doing wrong the whole time”.

Taylor shared this hack with her family.

She said: “And then I sent it to my mum and sister in law and their like oh my god so are we just slow and we never knew how to use this or is this like life changing?”

Taylor broke it down step-by-step and showed her viewers how to correctly peel potatoes.

She said: “You’re gonna stand it up. It’s sharp on both sides so you actually go up and down, back and forth. Are you freaking joking me?”

Taylor’s hack is easy and way faster.

Taylor says this hack also works on sweet potatoes.

She said: “I started doing this with sweet potatoes first and then I got through them so fast and I didn’t even really amaze myself until I got through some normal potatoes and I was like, well there’s something to this”.

Taylor’s video has now gone viral with over 2.2 million views and viewers were all saying the same thing… how didn’t we know this before?

One commenter said: “Fun fact. The top of that peeler is to scoop out those dents and bruises to save from wasting by peeling extra.”

Another said: “Tik Tok has taught me more about life than my parents did.”