Woman Explains How She Received 64 Amazon Packages Without Ordering Them


64 Packaged and she didn’t order any of them!

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Picture this: You eagerly rush to answer the door, expecting a long-awaited delivery, only to find out it’s not for you, but your neighbor Susan.

It’s not the end of the world to lend a helping hand and accept the occasional parcel for someone else. Until, of course, you find yourself in TikToker Olivia Douglass’s shoes.

Credit: TikTok / @sky.gott

Olivia found herself in possession of not one, not ten, but a whopping 64 Amazon packages. And get this – they were all addressed to her house, but not a single one belonged to anyone living there.

So, Olivia, being the curious TikTok aficionado she is, decided to reach out to Amazon for answers. Their solution? “Just hang onto them.” But seriously, that didn’t exactly solve the riddle of why this Amazon avalanche was happening.

Now, you might think that having dozens of Amazon boxes show up at your doorstep would be a shopaholic’s dream come true, right? Wrong. Olivia’s bounty consisted of something rather unexpected – flags. Yes, flags. So many flags that she jokingly declared herself “flag girl” in her TikTok bio.

As you can imagine, Olivia’s baffling situation quickly went viral. But don’t worry; she eventually got to the bottom of this peculiar mystery.

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In a follow-up TikTok video, Olivia revealed that Amazon had apologized and wanted to “make it right.” And in an unexpected twist, Olivia, finding humor in the situation, assured Amazon that she wasn’t furious about it – despite her husband pushing for some compensation.

Apparently, there was a seller, “probably not in the states,” who had their flags stored in Amazon warehouses, with Amazon responsible for shipping them out. But then, for reasons known only to the seller, they decided to call it quits.

Credit: Getty Images

Olivia explained, “Amazon then ships the packages back to the seller. The seller is likely overseas, right? We still think this. But we think this because they cherrypicked my address. Because if they sell them to my address instead of overseas, it’s going to be less.”

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It appears the seller didn’t want to foot the bill for international shipping fees and randomly chose Olivia’s place as their shipping address. And just like that, Olivia became the unwitting recipient of a flag-flood. Amazon sincerely apologized for the mix-up and even offered Olivia some cash to spend on their site – a kind gesture, indeed.

In Olivia’s words, “I’m special; my address was cherry-picked by someone.” And when a TikTok user playfully suggested she become an “Amazon seller for flags,” Olivia took it in stride. But the million-dollar question remains: “Can we still call you flag girl?” To which Olivia responded with a grin, “Forever and always.”

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