To Celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, A Life-size Cake Of Her Was Baked


At a Buzz Bingo club in Birmingham, the Queen was depicted in a hyper-realistic cake, much to the pleasure of the players. To commemorate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, professional cake maker and TikTok star Lara Mason made the 5 ft 3 in towering confection for Buzz Bingo.

The Queen Elizabeth II Victoria Sponge model, which took more than five days to construct, depicts the 96-year-old monarch donning silver jewellery and a blue sash, signifying her membership in the Royal Victorian Order. 400 eggs, 20 kilogrammes of wheat, and 20 kg of butter were used to bake the totally edible figure, which could feed 200 people.

Buzz Bingo will provide all players with a complimentary cup of tea and a special Jubilee cupcake when they visit any of the 91 clubs for the Sunday, June 5, afternoon Main Event bingo, so those who do not live in the Birmingham region do not have to miss out on the celebrations.

The Queen is a well-known and revered figure, so Lara, the creative director at Cake Anything, said: “This has been my toughest challenge in my career. I wanted to do the Queen credit! I’ve enjoyed making cakes in the shape of Elizabeth, so I’m overjoyed that Buzz Bingo contacted me to assist in celebrating Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Amazing to observe the players’ responses.

“We loved starting off The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee festivities at Buzz Bingo Kingsbury Road this week with a life-size cake of The Queen,” a Buzz Bingo spokeswoman said. The cake was not only gorgeous to look at, but it was also incredibly delicious. The ideal British way to start a very special weekend of celebrations was with a piece of cake and a game of bingo.