This £5 Fizzy Foot Foam Is Going Viral On TikTok – And We Are Not Shocked Why…


We have been seeing this product all over our For You Page, and with the weather this week – for less than a fiver, we’ll have to invest before it sells out everywhere!

Dermatonics Fizzy Foot Foam, bubbles onto feet and hands, with a cooling “popping candy” sensation.

TikTokers across the UK have convinced us we’ll feel refreshed for hours, while giving new life to our hot, tired and sweaty extremities, with its delicious menthol and honey scent.

Lisa Dollan aka Yorkshire Peach boasts 1.1m fans on Tiktok and raved about the foam. One viewer commented, “omg yes my mum got some of this when we went disneyworld. end of a day in the parks, heavenly”.

Sophiena, said to her 1.1 million TikTok followers, “if you’re struggling in this heat, you need to run, RUN!”

“I’d be doing my whole body 😂,” said one viewer, and we would agree!

Another said “I honestly think my arthritis feet and hands would love this”.

Mark, aka Right Guys Review, couldn’t wait till he got home to get his fizz on, applying the foam straight to his wife’s tired feet in the parking lot!

Another TikToker feeling the fizz was Aimee, aka @thissinglemamaofficial, saying “there’s not one single part of me that isn’t hot and sweating”.

One viewer said “This sounds bliss 🥰” and another shared their master hack – “I keep mine in the fridge!”

Now that’s a whole other level of cool.

If you are like us and absolutely NEED this product in this heat, it’s available at your local Superdrug in store or online here!

This post is sponsored by Dermatonics