Terrifying Simulator Shows What It’s Like To Drown


A video providing a harrowing simulation of a drowning experience offers viewers a grim glimpse into the terrifying reality of such a situation. Aptly dubbed the ‘drowning simulator,’ this chilling YouTube video plunges its audience into a nightmarish scenario that may make one think twice about venturing into deep waters.

Warning: Graphic Content

Viewer discretion is advised as the graphic content unfolds. The video commences with a man who falls into the water, forcibly ejected from his boat by an unexpected rogue sail. The turbulent high winds and the boat’s imposing boom propel him into the unforgiving depths of the sea, leaving him isolated and filled with dread amidst the vast blue expanse.

The simulated victim, faced with the grim reality of his predicament, cries out for help, desperate for a miraculous encounter with a passerby in the vast open ocean. He frantically calls for his friend ‘Charles,’ who has also been separated from the boat. The panic intensifies as hope wanes, leaving him alone in the unforgiving sea.

Credit: YouTube / Henry Pyyhtiä

While he manages to keep his head above water with some effort, his strength slowly dwindles, and he begins to sink beneath the surface. His breathing becomes increasingly labored, and a sense of impending doom looms.

Desperation sets in as he realizes that his friend is lost, and he cries out in despair, understanding that rescue is unlikely. This is the point where the simulator takes a distressing turn, depicting the man’s movements slowing as his lungs fill with water.

The video concludes by revealing that, once submerged, the man succumbs after four minutes and 20 seconds. The simulator issues a poignant reminder that the human body tires far more quickly than one might imagine, underscoring the importance of wearing a lifejacket while at sea.

As expected, the video elicited strong reactions from YouTube viewers. One commented, “My biggest fear in that situation would still be that a shark is near.” Another pondered, “Imagine playing this game in VR, though.” A third noted the eerie accuracy of the representation, saying, “The fact that someone took the time to represent a real drowning so accurately is concerning yet amazing at the same time.”

Credit: YouTube / Henry Pyyhtiä

A poignant fourth comment revealed a personal connection to the video: “My dad passed away from getting drowned deep in the ocean. I’ve been watching this video every now and then to experience and to know what it was like for him amidst drowning. In the span of time we were patiently waiting during the search and rescue operation, I couldn’t stop thinking how lonely it must’ve been for him – how terrifying it must’ve been.”

Featured Image Credit: @hegeakajesus/YouTube