Terrible Yet Hilarious Proof That Hamsters Are Far Too Fragile


Hamsters are a classic childhood pet. But why are parents so keen to buy them? Probably because they don’t last long, having a life expectancy of up to two years. 

They don’t just die gracefully though – most hamsters are quite unlucky when it comes to meeting unfortunate fates. Here are some of the strangest we’ve heard (warning – they can be quite grizzly).

  1. Ran into the fireplace
Photo: Reddit

2. Had a picture taken with the flash on

Photo: We Heart It

3. Chewed some TV wires and got electrocuted

Photo: Reddit

4. Got scared by a human sneeze

Photo: Healthline

5. Disappeared behind the fridge, emerged without hair and died on the spot

Photo: Raychan on Unsplash

6. Got accidentally sucked into the vacuum cleaner

Photo: Pinterest

7. Got poked with a Capri Sun straw

Photo: Beverage Daily

8. Drowned in the dog’s water bowl

Photo: Chris Benson on Unsplash

9. Got fed too many doritos

Photo: Reddit

10. Had a tooth grow out of its nose

Photo: Omlet US

11. Got his head stuck between the cage bars

Photo: The Spruce Pets

12. Buried alive whilst hibernating (they thought it was dead)

Photo: The Spruce Pets

13. Fell out of owner’s pocket whilst they were riding a bike and got run over

Photo: Pinterest

14. Was put in the oven because he felt cold

Photo: Newsbreak

15. Jumped in the frying pan whilst making pancakes

Photo: Reddit

16. Heard a balloon pop

Photo: Pinterest

17. Fell down the stairs in a hamster ball

Photo: Wikipedia

18. Had a seizure which looked like a dance show

Photo: The Today Show

19. Jumped into a fan

Photo: Reddit

20. Ran outside in the snow

Photo: Pinterest

21. Got scared of his own fart

Photo: Finn-E on Unsplash

22. Someone said “boo!”

23. Got dropped during Lion King ‘Circle of Life’ moment

Photo: Bored Panda

24. A book fell on him

Photo: Animals.net

25. Exploded after eating a carrot

Photo: PetMD

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