Spotify Wrapped Is Here, Along With These 22 Memes!


The holy day has arrived, two days ahead of schedule: it’s time for Spotify Wrapped 2022. The world hurried to learn what they already knew: We listened to a lot of Taylor Swift. As a result, Spotify released Wrapped earlier than ever before, causing mayhem, bloodshed, and general statistic-loving pandemonium at lunch. Here are the funniest memes, tweets, and reactions to the Spotify Wrapped 2022 that will have you smiling the entire time you listen to your playlist. Twitter is literally on fire as every streamer in the globe reacts to their Spotify Wrapped 2022.

1. He’s living my dream

2. Attacked x

3. I’m the problem, it me!

4. Our enduring icons

5. I’m crying

6. Category really was Bey this year

7. And it was RIGHT
8. Granny would be so proud let’s be honest

9. What the 2012 horror show is going on !

10. If I got given pumpkin spice I’d have to simply deactivate my account and move to Apple Music

11. A permanent Matty Healy musical chokehold

12. Sorry but if you use YouTube Music you sealed your own fate

13. The best song of the year healing breakups, I know that’s right!

14. I swear they just make these up 

15. I care so much you have no idea

16. It was actually better this year let’s give them that lmaooo

17. Apple Music forever in its flop era

18. This? This is SLUT POP


20. Feel like pure shit just want my Spotify Wrapped back x

(Also, a mysterious black hole has been found pointing directly at earth, you might want to check that out!)