People Are Only Just Realising What The Pull Cap On Cooking Oil Is Actually For


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A TikTok cooking oil hack demonstrates the true use of the bottle’s pull cap.

Most kitchens have cooking oil on hand for frying, sautéing, and baking a wide range of foods.

Cooking oils come in a wide variety with distinct flavours and smoke points.

Furthermore, there’s a hidden trick to measuring out the oil that could completely alter the way you cook, as a recently viral TikTok video disclosed.

Overindulging in oil can quickly destroy perfectly fine meals prepared by enthusiastic home cooks.

This may result in heavy, fatty, and unappealing foods.

The beginning of the video shows someone opening an oil bottle with a ring-pull lid.

Then it is shown that the cap can be used to measure the oil, rather than just throwing it away.

The cap serves as a barrier to restrict the amount of oil that comes out of the bottle when it is inserted back into the opening at the top, turned upside down, and then poured out.

Home chefs can avoid spilling too much oil by using this easy tip to help regulate how much they use.

Some have said that since learning about this new method of measuring oil, they have been “living a lie,” in response to the video, which was uploaded on the Foodies TikTok channel.


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One person says: “How didn’t I know this until right now?!”

Somebody else asks: “So I don’t have to deal with the whole glug glug thing?”

“Why don’t they say this on the bottle? It makes sense,” a third writes.

Annoyed, another person comments: “Why didn’t I see this five minutes ago, I just threw mine away!!”

However, others have deemed the tip ‘unnecessary’ and say they prefer to continue using oil in the traditional way.

One writes: “Without the cap, I’m able to still my olive oil the same way.”

A second adds: “I don’t understand the purpose of this.”

“Why would you do that? It’s unnecessary, that’s what the plastic spikes are for,” another comments.

Never dump used cooking oil down the drain since this can clog pipes and harm sewage systems.

Alternatively, it can be recycled to make soaps, biofuels, and other goods.

There are more sustainable cooking oils than others.

For instance, the production of palm oil has been connected to habitat damage and deforestation, but canola oil is frequently produced utilising environmentally friendly farming methods.