People Are Only Just Realising Quality Street’s Suggested Portion Size – It’s Definitely Less Than You Think


The whole box is a portion size right!?

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Chocoholics may want to turn away now because new study from Which has proven that portion information is frequently inaccurate.

When asked to estimate how many servings popular items contained, many Brits who participated in the consumer champion poll of 1,265 people got it wrong.

And it might come as a major shock to fans of the toffee penny included in boxes of popular Quality Street.

There are only two individual chocolates in a 200g box of Quality Street that are recommended as a serving.

Fans of the sweet delicacies are understandably not taking this news lightly and have resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction about the small quantity.

One chocolate lover said: “Who knew two Quality Street sweets are one portion? Makes no sense!”

And another added: “Ooh, now I’m craving chocolate – in multiple portions please.”

While another said: “Realistic portion of Quality Street prob five or six sweets collected from the tin, munched through at which point you go back and repeat.”

Quality Street wasn’t the only thing to produce unexpected results, either.

A 225g supermarket package of halloumi, according to more than half of study respondents, would provide two to four servings.

where seven people should be fed, according to the box information.

One of the surprises was that more than a third of consumers believed that a tub of Pringles included two to four portions.

Instead of the six to seven servings of roughly 13 crisps per person that the box claims.

Those who enjoy grocery store meal deals might be surprised to learn that they are not exactly one portion size.

The drink and snack you receive with your meal package may be intended for two people even if the sandwich is commonly included in meal deals for one person.

According to Which?, a 300ml bottle of orange juice and a packet of almonds typically declare that they include two portions.

Additionally, there were minor discrepancies in the portion sizes of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

The suggested serving size ranged from 20g to 33.5g across several packs:

  • Multipack bar 27.2g (1 serving)
  • 33.5g bar (1 serving)
  • 110g bar (serving is 6 chunks, 27.g)
  • 180g bar (serving is 4 chunks, 20g)
  • 360g bar (serving is 5 chunks, 30g)

Shefalee Loth, Which Nutritionist, said: “Which? found people can be confused by inconsistent and unrealistic serving sizes and that the way that manufacturers provide these can sometimes make it difficult to assess just how healthy a product is.

“Nutrition labelling is really valuable for consumers, including front of pack traffic light labelling, but it needs to be based on meaningful and consistent portion sizes.”

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