People Are Just Realising What Behind The Scenes of a Cinema Looks Like And It’s Blowing Their Minds


Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes while you enjoy your popcorn at the movies?

You’re not the only one, though. It blew the mind of social media user Chase Lee, who was also inquisitive and decided to find out what it looked like.

hase revealed what the film projectors at a cinema REALLY look like

Chase was distraught when he saw what it actually looks like!

In a video clip, Chase revealed his findings, and viewers have been perplexed by how the film projectors appear.

Some people, like Chase, could have believed that each movie theatre has a separate, tiny room with a projector inside, but that is untrue.

He showed a picture of what’s really happening upstairs in the video, and it just blew his mind.

Chase, however, was not pleased with his discovery and wrote: “This is so upsetting.”

The image shows a long corridor covered in darkness, with film projectors pointing out of tiny holes in the wall for each cinema room.

“Just found out there’s only one large projector room in movie theatres and each theatre doesn’t have its own small projector room,” he added.

He covered his mouth in shock as he showed the image, unable to go back to the previous reality of cinemas he had conjured up.

But it wasn’t just Chase who was left stunned by the image.

Over 116k people have liked and watched the video that was shared to his account @chaseleee.

People were quick to post their ideas in the comments, seemingly unprepared for the response.

According to one commenter, “I used to think a little person was up there living in the rooms.”

Someone else said: “Oh bc it’s over the entry hallway, for some reason this never occurred to me.”

Another wrote, “I have to go sit down.”

A fourth person added: “Mind blown.”




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There’s so much to love in this little clip:
-Danai dancing
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