Kicking Fear Up a Notch: Customised Nike Air Force 1’s Painted with Horror Icons


In the world of custom sneakers, where art meets fashion, one brand stands out for its ability to turn iconic horror figures into wearable masterpieces: Their latest creation has sent shivers down sneakerheads’ spines – customized Nike Air Force 1’s adorned with the chilling faces of horror icons. Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Ghost Face, Chucky, and even the Ghostbusters have all made their way onto these canvases of terror and style.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown:

The clown that haunts our nightmares now haunts our shoes. Pennywise, the shape-shifting cosmic entity from Stephen King’s “IT,” comes to life in exquisite detail on these Air Force 1’s.’s artists have captured every eerie nuance of Pennywise’s face, from his unsettling smile to his red balloon. Wear these shoes, and you’ll be floating too – above the crowd.

Freddy Krueger:

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you – and now he’s coming for your sneaker collection. Freddy Krueger, the razor-gloved killer from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series, is an iconic figure in the horror genre. His disfigured face has been brilliantly reimagined on these sneakers, complete with his infamous glove. With these shoes on your feet, you’ll be ready to step into your nightmares, or perhaps even Freddy’s.

Jason Voorhees:

Hockey mask? Check. Bloodied machete? Check. Jason Voorhees, the relentless slasher from the “Friday the 13th” franchise, is ready to make a bloody entrance into the world of footwear.’s artists have captured Jason’s menacing aura, bringing his iconic mask to life in vivid detail. Wear these sneakers, and you’ll feel as unstoppable as the Camp Crystal Lake killer himself.

Ghost Face:

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Ghost Face, the iconic villain from the “Scream” series, is ready to keep your style sharp and your screams even sharper. These customized Air Force 1’s showcase the eerie mask and black hood, making sure you’re ready for any surprise phone call or late-night visitor.


Good guys wear sneakers, but this Good Guy doll turned serial killer is here to give your kicks a wicked twist. Chucky, the pint-sized terror from the “Child’s Play” series, grins menacingly from the canvas of these Air Force 1’s. With his fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes, these shoes are a playful yet spine-tingling addition to your collection.


Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters, of course! While not exactly horror icons in the traditional sense, the Ghostbusters are legendary paranormal exterminators. pays homage to this classic franchise by adorning the Air Force 1’s with the iconic Ghostbusters logo. These sneakers are perfect for those who prefer to catch ghosts rather than run from them.

In a world where customization knows no bounds, has elevated sneaker art to a whole new level of spookiness. With their attention to detail and dedication to capturing the essence of horror icons, they’ve created a collection that’s both a tribute to classic horror cinema and a bold fashion statement.

Whether you’re a die-hard horror fan or just someone looking to add a unique twist to your sneaker game, these customized Nike Air Force 1’s are a must-have. They’re not just shoes; they’re wearable pieces of art that allow you to carry your favorite horror icons with you wherever you go. So, step into the world of fright and fashion with‘s Horror Icons collection, and get ready to turn heads and send chills down spines.