Mystery Of Man Born With Absolutely Massive Arms And Hands Has Never Been Solved


This mystery has everyone baffled!

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The mystery of the man who was born with incredibly large arms and hands has remained a mystery.

With his videos on TikTok, Jeff Dabe has amassed well over a million followers, as he continues to astonish fans while going about his daily activities with his remarkable body parts.

Due to his enormous arms and hands, the 59-year-old was given the moniker “Popeye” at school.

He has enormous forearms that are 19 inches (49 cm) long and can fit a basketball in each of his enormous hands.

The Minnesotan man accepted it, and after competing as a child in the US, he went on to win the world championship in arm wrestling.

He said in the past: “Thanks to the World Armwrestling League I am now competing with people from all over America.

“It’s so fun to travel to places we wouldn’t normally go.

“I was always good at arm wrestling, but the size of my hands did shock people at first – I had the strength to back it up. People freak out when they see my hands in real life.”

Naturally, Jeff’s arms get a lot of attention from onlookers who are frequently startled by his unusually enormous limbs.

He told The Daily Star: “A lot of them you just kind of see them freeze up for a minute. They don’t want to talk.

“I will go through a drive-through window and I go to hand them my money and they just kind of freeze up and it takes them a second and they will take the money or say something.

“It’s kind of funny. I know right away when someone notices me, you see it in their face and they can’t quite believe it at first.”

And he doesn’t mind it, adding: “Little kids are the ones that are the funniest. They are not shy and they come up and ask right away which I like.

“They are so fun because they are always so bright about it, they don’t see nothing wrong with it whereas certain age people get more weirded out by it.

“Some people are afraid to talk to me at first because of my size.”

Others have voiced concerns about Jeff’s health as a result of the viral clips on TikTok that have helped him amass quite the fan base for his enormous limbs.

The University of Minnesota, however, undertook tests to check for potential indicators of gigantism and elephantiasis but was unable to uncover proof to substantiate that assertion.

Jeff also reassured that: “I can do everything just fine like everyone else. There’s no way I can work on cars. I used to work on cars on the side. I liked to do it, it was relaxing to me.

“Other than that I haven’t found much I can’t do… The one thing I can’t do is find good gloves.”

Doctor warns there’s a ‘triangle of death’ on your face

Doctors Refuse To Operate On A Woman Who Had 6 Ribs Removed To Look Like Barbie

She wanted to look just like Barbie!

A ‘human Barbie doll’ who had surgery to remove six ribs has said that she felt stuck in her former body and like a transgender person in her fight.

Pixee Fox, a former electrician, had previously spent more than £80,000 on cosmetic surgery in an effort to get the ideal hourglass shape.

She then expanded her fixation by having her lower ribs removed in order to achieve a record-breaking 14-inch waist.

The 25-year-old claims that cartoon figures like Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Holli Would from Cool World served as inspiration.

Pixee who is from Sweden said:

People often come up to me and say, don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon’ – but for me that’s a compliment, that’s what I want to achieve. Those cartoon characters represent the idealisation of the female body. I want to achieve that ideal.

There are so many people out there – for example transsexual people – who feel like one person inside and it doesn’t reflect their outside – and for me who I was on the outside was not who I was on the inside. I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face. Having my ribs removed was just another step in achieving that ideal.

Dr. Barry Eppley, a plastic surgeon from Indianapolis, Indiana, completed the lengthy, £6,000 keyhole surgery procedure in October.

The irreversible procedure is typically done for medical reasons, although it can also be utilised for aesthetic reasons after comprehensive counselling.

She has undergone four rhinoplasties totaling £12,600, four breast augmentations 200cc, 525cc, 800cc, and 1400cc totaling £26,500, two liposuction sessions costing £4,600, two upper eyelid surgeries costing £5,300, a labiaplasty costing £3,300, a Brazilian butt lift costing £8,000, and cool-sculpting, cheek injections, and lip injections costing about £10,600.

She thinks that all in all, including the rib operation, she has spent £80,000 on surgery.

But after factoring in missed pay, medical expenses, and travel, she calculates that she has spent roughly £165,000.

Watch more about her story here:

She paid for 11 procedures by herself but the remaining treatments, including her fourth breast augmentation, were funded by admirers who have been following her metamorphosis on Instagram, where she has over 463,000 followers. She paid for 11 of the procedures with her own money and savings.

I don’t want to encourage others to seek cosmetic surgery. I want to spread the idea that you should dare to be yourself and surround yourself with people that support you for who you are on the inside, whatever you chose to do