Men Dressed In Drag Greet Children At Disney In A Video From ‘Disturbed Visitors’


A male worker at Disneyland who was costumed as a “Fairy Godmother’s apprentice” sparked uproar and led to demands for a boycott of the theme park.

Video of the moustachioed employee greeting a small girl at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Anaheim, California, while donning a blue and purple dress has gone viral.

Kournti Farber, a mother of three, who was posting about her trip to Disneyland with her family, uploaded it and thanked the staff for giving her daughter an unforgettable experience.

But critics have hit out at Disney for allowing a male to wear a costume dress and called it ‘inappropriate’.

The company has made efforts to be more inclusive and progressive in recent years – but it has upset some fans who think it has gone too far with woke changes.

The Disney employee is portrayed in the viral video sporting matching makeup while donning a “Fairy Godmother’s apprentice” costume.

He greeted a young girl and introduced himself as “Nick,” one of the fairy godmother’s apprentices.

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Since it was published on May 26, it has received more than 7.6 million views and a tremendous amount of criticism.

A man in drag is weird and unseemly, according to conservative author Peachy Keenan, and it also removes viewers from the “show” because the illusion is destroyed.

‘Nothing matters but the agenda and your 4 yo is a pawn they are happy to mindflay.’

While Dave Rubin who hosts the ‘Rubin Report’ wrote: ‘This fella will be hired by the Biden to run out nuke program by the end of the day…

‘This is a dude with a mustache in a dress. Not a “trans” person. Think how many real girls want that job at Disney and they gave it to him for a reason.’

And Brandon Morse, an editor at conservative political blog Red State, added: ‘My you never suffer the same destruction of your legacy that poor Walt has.’ 

Others called for a boycott of Disney with Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales telling her followers: ‘Stop taking your family to Disney.’ 

Another user said: ‘I’m already boycotting Disney, so should everyone else.’

Cast members who worked at Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique were previously called ‘Fairy Godmothers in Training’. 

But the company ditched this in favor of ‘Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices’ last summer in a bid to be more inclusive to those who don’t identify as female. 

At the time, Disney said: ‘This way, cast members that might not identify as female can still be part of the process to dress up & style the children without having to refer to themselves as a female Disney character.’

Children between the ages of 3 and 12 visit the boutique to get ‘magical makeovers for royalty-in-training’.