Mcdonalds Fans Shocked To Discover What’s In Their Favourite Sauce


The likelihood of you choosing not to dip your fries and fried chicken in sauce is probably low if you enjoy McDonald’s.

Fast food enthusiasts already know that they need to have at least two helpings of sauce on the side for their meals to be considered complete.

Additionally, you can customise your Big Mac with BBQ dip, jazz up your McPlant with sweet curry, or simply stock up on a tonne of sweet chilli by using the McDonald’s touchscreen kiosks.

Another essential sauce that’s a mainstay in many Maccies dinners is the Sweet ‘n’ Sour dip. But have you ever wondered what materials are used to make it?

Two radio hosts from Melbourne have, and the outcomes are mind-blowing TikTok users.

When Jason Hawkins and Lauren Phillips discovered the true essence of Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce last year, they were presenting their breakfast radio programme.

As there had been some “speculation,” Phillips told Hawkins, also known as “Jase,” to “bring in the nuggets” in a video that was uploaded to TikTok.

“Have you ever considered what sweet and sour sauce is actually flavouring?” she inquired.

After Hawkins joked that the flavour of the condiment was ‘sweet yet sour’, his co-host dealt a deafening blow.

She asked: “Would you believe it is actually apricot flavour?” to which the presenter replied: “I hate apricot!

“I can taste the apricot now. It does taste like apricot.”

Hawkins, who has been credited as ‘a man among the world’s fussiest easters’ continued to say that he would rather put things in his mouth ‘not knowing what they are’.

Viewers have flocked to social media since the video was shared, accusing Phillips and Hawkins of “destroying” their favourite tangy dessert.

A user on TikTok commented, “Ummm. I’m going to act like I didn’t hear this.

“I can now never have sweet and sour sauce again,” replied a second.

Another replied: “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

“Sweet and sour sauce is the worst,” commented a fourth.

Lauren dealt the crushing blow that the McDonald’s Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce is made from apricots. Credit: TikTok/@jaseandlauren

Elsewhere in the comments section, another user explained their McDonald’s pet peeve.

They wrote: “People are still gonna keep pretending they’re allergic to pickles, yet still get the Big Mac sauce on their Big Macs… The sauce contains pickles.”

Another user claimed that the big reveal hadn’t put them off ordering their staple dip, writing: “Hot mustard and sweet and sour are my fav…and I do sometimes dip (sic) in one and then the other.

“However, sweet and sour is normally for my fries.”