McDonald’s Customer Shares Secret $5 Combo That Isn’t On Menu


There’s something quite delightful about snagging a great deal at McDonald’s, and it’s even better when you discover a menu item that not everyone knows about.

A woman from New York has gone viral on TikTok for sharing her savvy McDonald’s hack, where she orders a $5 combo that isn’t listed on the regular menu.

In a TikTok video with over 500,000 views, the user @becomin_a_saint demonstrates how to order this secret combo. She drives up to the McDonald’s drive-thru and simply asks for the ‘$5 meal.’ The employee then offers a choice between a double cheeseburger or a McChicken burger. What’s more, they inquire about your preferred dipping sauce for the four McNuggets, hinting at even more options for this special deal.

The TikToker receives her order and excitedly unveils it, revealing a substantial meal for just $5. She mentions that she got it for her kids and expresses her satisfaction with the bargain.

Many viewers were pleasantly surprised by this discovery and admitted they had no idea about this value-packed combo. Comments poured in with people expressing their desire to try it, with statements like, “I need this!” and “That’s a deal.”

However, some viewers reported that they tried to order the $5 meal but were told it wasn’t available in their area. Others claimed that the special combo is accessible through the McDonald’s app, where they’ve been using it regularly.

There was a bit of debate in the comments, with some insisting that it’s not a secret deal but a regular menu item in certain locations. One person clarified, “It’s not a secret; it’s on the menu, at least where I am.” Another individual shared, “In New York state, it’s called a ‘fan deal’—the same items, $5, and it’s great.”

The TikToker herself acknowledged the regional variations, commenting, “Different location areas have different deals, I guess.”

In essence, while not everyone may have access to this specific $5 combo, it’s clear that there are some great hidden gems and regional deals to explore at McDonald’s. The next time you visit your local McDonald’s, you might want to inquire about their special offerings—you might just stumble upon your own fantastic deal.