Man Spent $16,000 To ‘Become A Dog’ Barks Out In First Interview


A man from Japan has fulfilled a childhood dream of transforming into a human-sized rough collie dog, spending a considerable sum of $16,000 on an elaborate and incredibly realistic costume. He goes by the name Toco when dressed as the dog and finds going out for a walk on a leash to be “fulfilling his dream.”

Despite the fun aspect of dressing up as a dog, this pastime holds deeper significance for him. He had harbored this dream since he was a little child, and as an adult with sufficient disposable income, he could finally make it a reality.

Toco’s commitment to the role goes beyond merely wearing the costume. He even sleeps in a giant dog crate and had eagerly anticipated the chance to be taken for a walk outdoors. He shared his excitement with his fans on his YouTube channel, expressing how fulfilling it was for him to become a collie, an aspiration he had nurtured since childhood.

In the videos, Toco can be seen walking around his house, tending to his food and water bowls before heading out on a walk with his red leash unclipped from a wall hook. Though walking on four legs in the intricate suit takes more time than it would for a real dog, he still enjoyed a gentle stroll around the neighborhood before returning home to rest.

Toco gained attention when pictures of him in the high-end costume surfaced online last year. He has since become quite popular on YouTube, amassing nearly 30,000 subscribers. The custom-made costume, crafted by Zeppet, a Japanese company specializing in lifelike models and sculptures for films, has been meticulously designed to replicate the structure and appearance of a dog’s skeleton and coat.

Despite his online fame, Toco prefers to keep his true identity a secret, not even disclosing it to his friends. He fears they might find his passion strange, and indeed, his friends and family were taken aback when they discovered his unique pursuit.

While it’s certainly an unusual sight, it’s essential to remember that Toco’s happiness and fulfillment matter most, and whatever brings him joy is worthy of acceptance.