Man Is Addicted To Smelling Tuna And Drinks The Juice Straight Out Of The Can


Man who will drink tuna juice straight from the can and who has acknowledged to being addicted to the smell of tuna.

Although they advise against eating other people’s food, ‘Tuna’ Tyler, a native of Kansas, made an appearance on TLC’s My Strange Addiction with a singular concentration.

Tyler claims that due to his addiction, he will consume 15 cans of the fish per week.

One scene captured by the TV programme shows Tyler sitting in a quiet coffee shop as a waiter serves him a hot beverage.

But no, that’s not freshly brewed coffee, instead a cup of hot tuna.

My eyes are watering right about now.

Tyler takes his first sip; savouring every moment before telling the waiter: “Yup. Nice way to start the day.”

Whatever happened to a latte with half a sugar?

“I love smelling tuna everyday, all the time, all day, all night, any day,” he says.

“They call me Tuna Tyler, and I’m addicted to smelling tuna. When people see me smelling tuna out in public, you know, they might think it’s a little bit different for sure.

“It might look weird to other people – but, to me, I think it’s perfectly fine.”

When asked what it was in particular that drew him to the type of fish, he describes its ‘smell, texture, sweetness, wetness and dryness’.

Even as a substitute for gifts, Tyler has asked that people purchase him tuna cans for Christmas and Easter.

The native of Kansas did confess, though, that he enjoys pairing this addiction with a cold glass of OJ.

“I don’t mind if my chin is covered with juice. Because it makes me feel wonderful and nasty, I like it all over myself, he admits.

He admitted to the TV series that he developed a taste for tuna five years ago and even showed off his collection of different kinds and varieties.

As one person commented: “While opening tuna for my cats if I get any juice on me I gross out!!,” the video left many with their stomachs in knots. It’s repulsive.

Another person exclaimed, “I can’t even with this!”

Another person said: “Bruh definitely was a cat in the past life lol.”

Hey, to each his or her own. It’s all good as long as Tyler isn’t breaking any regulations and it doesn’t harm his health.

If you ever see him out, you might want to bring some mints.