Lorraine Kelly Slammed For Misgendering Sam Smith ‘He’ Multiple Times On Her Show


In a whirlwind of events, a TV presenter has found herself at the center of a heated controversy after repeatedly misgendering the talented artist, Sam Smith. The 31-year-old musical sensation had recently stunned the crowd at the London premiere of the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, donning an oversized ensemble that made headlines around the world.

Enter TV presenter extraordinaire, Lorraine Kelly, whose talk show became the stage for this unexpected drama. During a segment dedicated to discussing Smith’s fashion choices at the Barbie premiere, Kelly, unfortunately, fumbled with pronouns and misgendered the “Uholy” singer multiple times. The atmosphere turned icy as viewers witnessed this awkward display unfold before their eyes.

Sporting an oversized black sweatshirt and flared light blue jeans, Smith opted for a more casual look at the star-studded event while other celebrities embraced their inner Barbie. But as Kelly and guest Vogue Williams delved into dissecting the outfits, the blunders began. Kelly, 63, repeatedly referred to Smith using male pronouns, a grave misstep considering Smith publicly identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns.

As images of Smith’s premiere attire graced the screen, Kelly remarked, “Oh, he’s dressed down.” She continued her missteps, saying, “It’s a bit big for him. If he was my son, I’d say, ‘Son, that was a bit big for you.’ He looks like the wee shrinking man, bless him.”

In a refreshing contrast, Irish model and media personality Vogue Williams gracefully used Sam’s correct pronouns, acknowledging their unique style that would undoubtedly make them stand out on the red carpet. But Kelly persisted, exclaiming, “He’ll stand out. He knows what he’s doing, does that fella.”

Needless to say, fans of the talented artist were livid. Social media erupted with swift backlash against the TV host, condemning her for the repeated misgendering. One Twitter user expressed their disappointment, writing, “I guess Lorraine didn’t get the memo about Sam Smith and their chosen pronouns—awkward.” Another chimed in, saying, “Lorraine having none of Sam Smith and their pronouns. Using ‘him’ as many times in one sentence as she could!” A third user echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, “Not Lorraine misgendering Sam Smith over and over!”

In a rare moment of acknowledgement, Lorraine Kelly responded to one of the critics, who has since deleted their tweet. She conceded, “Fair comment, Ollie. Not in the least intentional, but will take it on board—thanks for bringing it to my attention,” accompanied by a red heart emoji.

This episode serves as a reminder of the importance of respect and inclusivity in today’s society. With Sam Smith fearlessly expressing their identity and inspiring countless others, it is crucial for media figures like Lorraine Kelly to embrace the opportunity to educate and uplift. Let’s hope this incident sparks greater awareness and understanding, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and accepting world for all.