‘Karen’ Is Set To Be Most Popular Costume For Halloween This Year


Everyone welcome the new costume of the year!

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On October 31, it appears that many people will be wearing blonde wigs and requesting to speak with a manager since ‘The Karen’ is expected to be a well-liked Halloween costume.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and as usual, there are a wide variety of costumes to choose from.

Nothing stops you from dressing up and spending the spooky season with some of your closest friends.

The Karen appears to be the costume that many people are planning to wear this year if you’re out of fancy dress ideas.

Off the back of the Karen meme, We think that Karen costumes will be a major Halloween trend, complete with asymmetrical blonde wigs and “I want to speak to the manager” T-shirts.

A Karen wig is available from sellers on Etsy, while Karen costume tops can be purchased on Amazon in the US

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