Hospice Nurse Says Most People Say The Same Thing Before They Die


A hospice nurse has taken to social media to impart profound insights about the topic of death, shedding light on the words and experiences of those nearing the end of their lives.

Julie, a dedicated hospice nurse hailing from Los Angeles, California, has become a prominent figure on TikTok, where she is known by her username, @hospicenursejulie. Her mission is to provide education and comfort to those grappling with the complexities of death, a topic often shrouded in mystery and apprehension.

Hospice care, as Julie passionately highlights, is a specialized form of healthcare that concentrates on the compassionate care of terminally ill patients, focusing on their emotional and spiritual well-being during the twilight of life.

On her TikTok platform, Julie candidly shares her professional experiences and knowledge acquired over years of service in the field. In a recent interview with The Sun, she shared her perspective, stating, “The best part about my job is educating patients and families about death and dying as well as supporting them emotionally and physically. Also, helping them to understand what to expect is another part of my job as a hospice nurse.”

Julie has garnered significant attention in the past for her viral content, particularly when discussing the signs that often precede a person’s passing. She delves into the physical transformations and emotional moments that frequently unfold as individuals approach the end of their lives. These include notable shifts in skin color, alterations in breathing patterns, the development of a fever, and the occurrence of terminal secretions.

One of the poignant insights Julie offers is that, just before passing, individuals often utter sentiments like ‘I love you’ or call out to their parents, who have typically preceded them in death. She underscores the uniqueness of each person’s experience of death, making it difficult to generalize about the final moments.

In her conversation with The Sun, Julie touches upon the concept of the ‘actively dying phase,’ which typically spans around three days. During this period, she mentions changes in consciousness, breathing, mottling, and terminal secretions as common occurrences. Importantly, she emphasizes that these symptoms are normal and that patients do not experience pain or discomfort during this time. Julie underscores the importance of allowing the body to naturally progress through the end-of-life stage without unnecessary interventions.

The impact of Julie’s work on TikTok is palpable, as she receives a wave of support and gratitude from viewers who acknowledge the vital role she plays in providing guidance and solace to those navigating the challenging waters of hospice care.

Viewers express their appreciation, with one individual commenting, “Thank you, Julie. I can feel how passionate you are, and I want you to know you are so appreciated!” Another admirer adds, “I am deeply thankful for your help. You embody peace and love.”

Amid a sea of commendations, one person writes, “You are so accurate! Took care of so many hospice patients! Thank you for explaining to people!” Another shares their heartfelt sentiment, saying, “Bravo for taking on the conversation too many folks avoid!”

Julie’s platform has not only provided education and comfort but has also fostered a deeper understanding of the final stages of life, helping individuals and families come to terms with the natural progression of life and death. Her work resonates with many who have experienced the challenges of hospice care, offering them valuable insights and much-needed reassurance.