‘Saw’ Filmmakers Reveal Exactly How They Create And Test Jigsaw’s Torture Traps


This makes the traps even more terrifying!

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Lights, camera, safety goggles! When it comes to the hair-raising horror franchise Saw, you better believe safety is the name of the game. As the tenth installment has hit cinemas, Saw X, things are about to get bloodier, twistier, and more horrifying than ever.

Now, if you thought Jigsaw (aka John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell) was taking a permanent vacation in the afterlife, think again! He’s back, and he’s sicker than ever, scouring the depths of Mexico for a lifesaving cure.

But wait, there’s a twist! That so-called ‘miracle’ cure? It’s just a scam, designed to exploit the most vulnerable souls. Oh, the tangled webs we weave!

Credit: Saw X

As for those infamous death traps that make us squirm in our seats, director Kevin Greutert and production designer Anthony Stabley promise a twisted treat this time around. While they’re keeping most of the gory details under wraps, they did give us a sneak peek into one particularly eye-catching trap, quite literally.

Picture this: eye tubes in the shape of the Roman numeral X! Stabley gushed, “We have a lot of traps, but that’s one of my favorites because as artists, you go through this moment, where you’re like, ‘Is this gonna work? Are we gonna make this happen?’ I just look at that trap and I go, ‘That’s really iconic.’ It’s so different from the others, but it still has that Saw flavor. So, I was really thrilled with that.”

Credit: Saw X

Greutert chimed in, “There’s something a bit playful about it for us as Saw filmmakers. We wanted to say, ‘We’re back! This is Saw!’” And hey, who doesn’t love a playful trap involving eye tubes, right?

Now, there are two other traps that they’re keeping hush-hush about, one involving brain surgery and the other mysterious wires. Stabley tantalizingly teased, “They’re just all very intense,” leaving our imaginations running wild with sinister possibilities.

Credit: Saw X

But creating these gruesome contraptions is no child’s play. Hours of testing and retesting are required to make sure everything is safe and functional. Stabley explained, “We test all of these traps, like five, six times, each of them.” Imagine the twisted brainstorming sessions behind those tests!

And, of course, where there’s fake torture, there’s fake blood by the bucketload. The filmmakers even had to come up with a brilliant hack to keep the set spick and span between takes. Stabley spilled the secret, “We lay down linoleum and coated it with resin so basically it was like mopping away, and then as far as the traps themselves, we also coated them with resin.” Talk about making horror movie magic!

So, if you ever find yourself wandering onto the set of Saw X, don’t be alarmed. It’s all in a day’s work for these horror aficionados, and they’re just as thrilled as we are to bring us the bloodiest, twistiest installment yet. Buckle up, horror fans – it’s gonna be a wild, nail-biting ride!”

Producer Gives Update On Saw 11

With Saw 10 coming this week we look forward to Saw 11!

With a new movie coming out this week we’re diving headfirst into the twisted world of Saw once again! Oren Koules, the mastermind producer behind the latest blood-curdling installment, Saw X, is here to spill the guts, I mean, beans, about the possibility of Saw 11 resurrecting our beloved horror franchise!

Picture it: You’ve got your popcorn, the lights are dimmed, and you’re ready for another round of spine-tingling terror. But wait, where’s our man, John Kramer?

The last time we saw him was in Jigsaw back in 2017. That’s a long hiatus for a guy who loves to play games with people’s lives, right? Don’t fret, my fellow gore enthusiasts, because Saw X is about to resurrect the OG horror series with John Kramer making a glorious return after a six-year absence.

But that’s not even the juiciest part of the story! Oren Koules, the puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes, spilled the guts, I mean, beans again in an interview with Comicbook.com. He teased the tantalizing possibility of Saw 11 lurking in the shadows, just waiting to make its gruesome entrance. Can you feel the chills running down your spine?

We’re kind of superstitious. We tend not to get too far ahead of ourselves. The movie’s going to be released in a few days. For us, we do have ideas for the next one, we haven’t put pen to paper. But this is his story, we really wanted it to be John Kramer’s story and tell a John Kramer story. So for the first 30 minutes of the movie, he’s John Kramer, you don’t have any hint of Jigsaw

Koules isn’t letting any spoilers slip just yet but did admit they have some dark, diabolical ideas brewing for the future, but they haven’t put pen to paper just yet. Right now, it’s all about John Kramer’s story. In fact, for the first 30 minutes of the movie, he’s pure John Kramer, no Jigsaw in sight. It’s like a horror fan’s dream come true!

So, dear horror hounds, keep your eyes peeled for Saw X, and let your imagination run wild with the possibility of Saw 11 lurking in the shadows. Who knows what gruesome games and blood-soaked puzzles await us in the next chapters of this legendary franchise? Grab your bear traps and get ready for a wild ride through the twisted world of Saw!

How The Saw Movies Saved Over 360,000 People’s Lives

How did the Saw Movies help save people’s lives?

Saw has become one of the most iconic film series across the world, and not just within the horror scene, due to it’s compelling mysteries and torturous traps.


But did you know the series has even helped save people’s lives?

Credit: Saw Movie

Lionsgate’s Jigsaw had a tradition with every film which they called the annual blood drive. Throughout October, mobile blood drive stations popped up all over the country, and fans could donate their blood to hospitals in exchange for a free ticket to see the film.

To help promote the blood drive further, Lionsgate set up a campaign releasing posters featuring “nurses” who will be out helping to collect blood and who ‘needed’ the blood that fans were donating.

Credit: Saw Movie

Since the blood drive began in 2004 with the release of the first Saw movie, over 120,000 pints of blood have been given, saving over 360,000 lives.


It’s a brilliant way at showing how entertainment can be used as a way of encouraging people to participate in good causes and demonstrates the impact that big franchises like this can have.

Credit: Saw Movie

Saw X is set to release this September 29th and sees the return of Tobin Bell reprising his role of Jigsaw with the film taking place during the events of Saw 1 and 2.

Hoping for a miraculous cure, John Kramer travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure, only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer uses deranged and ingenious traps to turn the tables on the con artists

Why it’s currently not known if the blood drive will be happening this year as it has with the previous film releases it’s still a great achievement by the film studio and something they should be proud of as well as the films success and legacy!