Expert Reveals How Often You Should Wash Your Towels


We bet it’s more often that you think!

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Nearly two million individuals in the UK, according to recent data, only wash their bathroom towels once a year.

A huge, warm, fluffy towel to wrap yourself in after a relaxing shower has to rank among the best feels in life is all part of the cleaning and feeling good experience.

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You may feel like you’re clean and fresh however the real issue is when do you decide to wash and freshen up your towel?

After only one week of usage, towels may contain up to 94 million counts of germs, yet shocking a new study from the bath specialists at Showers to You has revealed that over two million Brits only ever wash their bathroom towels once a year. ONCE A YEAR.

Men were found to be “five times more likely than one percent of women to clean their towels just once a year,” according to the report.

Additionally, it was discovered that a third of the UK population, or around 17 million individuals, admitted to cleaning their bathroom towels “just once every three months.” Seriously?

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According to experts towels should be cleaned after every three uses. It’s because of how frequently the towels become moist from drying your body, that they serve as an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Tom Drake, a DIY specialist at Only Radiators, states that the ideal temperature for washing towels is between 30 and 40 degrees and this should keep them nice and fluffy along with detergent which will make them smell lovely!

Now that you know exactly how dirty your towels are we think you might consider giving them a wash!