Ed Sheeran Lost His Vision After Smoking Pot With Snoop Dogg


English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, known for hits like ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Perfect,’ recently shared a hilarious anecdote about smoking marijuana with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. The incident left him temporarily blinded by the experience.

During a guest appearance on the ‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend’ podcast, the 32-year-old musician recounted an unexpected encounter with Snoop Dogg in Melbourne, Australia, where Australian actor Russell Crowe played a part in their cannabis adventure.

Sheeran admitted that he isn’t a regular cannabis user, saying, “I don’t really smoke at all.” However, when he found himself backstage with Snoop Dogg and Russell Crowe, they began passing around joints relentlessly.

He humorously described the situation, saying, “I was like, I guess at some point during the night, I have to, just to say I smoked with Snoop Dogg. He was like, ‘Do you want some?’ So, I have a bit, and I was like, ‘I don’t feel too bad, this is good.’ Then I have a bit more, and then I have a bit more, and then I have a bit more. I just remember looking at him and being like, ‘I can’t see right now.'”

Video footage on Instagram captured the meeting between Sheeran and Snoop Dogg, with the rapper sitting between the two men, and a glass jar of green herbs on the table, undoubtedly the source of their “blunt for blunt” session.

Snoop Dogg, renowned for his affinity for cannabis, resides in California, where recreational marijuana is legal. Since 2016, he has even employed a full-time joint roller, known as Renegade Piranha, who claimed to have rolled over 450,000 joints during her tenure.

In response to these remarkable claims, Snoop Dogg playfully dismissed them by posting a screenshot and joking, “The b**** is conning you, man.” He followed it up with a video revealing nine burnt roaches and the caption, “Stop lying.”

This comical tale adds a new layer to the enduring legend of Snoop Dogg’s affinity for marijuana, and it’s certainly a unique memory for Ed Sheeran to cherish.