‘Dead’ Woman Suddenly Wakes Up On Way To Her Own Funeral


A ‘dead’ woman’s family was terrified when she abruptly came to while driving to a funeral.

On Thursday, June 29, Chataporn Sriphonla, 49, passed away while en route from a hospital to her home in the Thai district of Udon Thani.

When paramedics arrived, they feared she had stopped breathing and appeared to have died while being transported to the Ban Dung neighbourhood in a van.

Mali, Chataporn’s elderly mother, was understandably heartbroken and began calling family members to alert them of her death, which they later attributed to her struggle with liver cancer.

The bereaved family immediately began planning for her impending funeral service after quickly cremating her in accordance with Buddhist practise.

They purchased a casket and co-ordinated with temple staff for the ceremonies.

The van carrying Chataporn’s body was diverted from their home to the Wat Sri Phadung Pattana temple, where the corpse was going to be stored overnight.

However, the next series of events totally stunned the family when they found out the supposedly ‘dead’ woman suddenly gasped awake and opened her eyes in the vehicle.

Albeit understandably shocked by Chataporn’s miraculous revival, her mother Mali once again did the rounds of calling the family.

Only this time – to inform them that their relative was actually alive.

Chataporn was then rushed to the Ban Dung Crown Prince Hospital, where she is currently under medical supervision, accompanied by her daughter.

Mali said: “My daughter was being treated for cancer at the hospital, but doctors told us she only had a slim chance of survival.

“I wanted her to spend her last moments with the family, so I arranged for her to be taken back to our home.”

The mother went on to say she was ‘heartbroken’ to find out Chataporn had ‘died on the way home’.

She continued: “Then relatives said they were confused by the incident, but believe Chataporn had held on as she wanted to see her children before she died.”

Believe it or not – this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Chataporn’s story echoes a similarly bizarre incident that emerged earlier this month (9 June) in Ecuador, where Bella Montoya, 76, suddenly came back to life inside her coffin.

The senior had previously been declared dead by doctors, but shocked mourners when she began scratching at her casket during the wake.

Bella was then rushed to a hospital but sadly passed away just a week later.