Customer Shocked After Self Checkout Till Asks Her For Tip


There must be some points on which we can all agree when determining where to draw the line, despite the fact that perspectives on tipping and tipping culture may differ.

Since even robots are now asking for a little extra, it would be good if we could all agree that the person receiving the tip should be human and genuinely alive.

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One customer was shocked when, after using a self-service checkout, the machine asked her if she’d like to leave it a tip before she could go.

With the options starting at 15 percent and going up to 20 percent, she was already going to be some way up the scale in terms of how much to give.

It may not be a perfect system but people understand that leaving a tip is an important thing to do in certain situations because a person’s livelihood may very well rely on those tips.

We can all agree that leaving a tip that doesn’t even go to an actual person is unacceptable, even though it might be preferable to simply pay employees fairly and remove the requirement of tipping in favour of returning it as an added bonus for a job well done.

You’d think we were all on the same page about the self-service checkout not needing a tip, but I don’t want to offend it (just in case the robots rise up and kill us all).

Since it is a machine and cannot move, the extra cash from the tip would be useless to it.

Plenty joked that since the checkout was self service, it should be ‘offering you a discount for doing it yourself’, while another declared that they ‘don’t f**king get this’ as they wondered: “Who tf am I tipping, myself?”

A third ditched the jokes and said the shop could ‘shove this where the sun don’t shine’, though self service checkouts are quite large so that would be quite the arduous task.

While someone else said they could understand this if it was happening in a place where a person was providing a service like making food but the checkout itself was self service.

They said it ‘can be justified in some cases’ if the money is going to an actual person and it’s just done via the checkout but otherwise it wasn’t really defensible.