Crocs Launches New Cowboy Crocs This Month


A cowboy boot from Crocs is exactly as bizarre as you could anticipate.

No matter how garishly bright and silly the shoe may be, Crocs always manages to stay in the fashion ether.

In a way, we rate it.

But this time, it’s gone above and above, adding a pair of cowboy boots to its lineup.

People are obviously pleased about the release, which falls under the company’s “Croctober” marketing.

You might be thinking, “How much will these little show-stoppers cost me in terms of my bank account?”

If your jaw wasn’t on the floor before, it most likely will be now.

It will cost you a staggering £100 to be riding about in a pair of these nasty boys.

In a statement, the company said: “For years, the buzz about a cowboy boot inspired by Crocs has been developing, creating a real fan-fueled movement spreading throughout social media.

Recognizing this passion, Crocs is making fan dreams come true, turning the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot into a reality.”

Will you be getting your hands on these bad boys when they drop on October 23?

IF Cowboy Crocs rock your world you will LOVE these…