Christmas Cocktails You Have To Try


Christmas is all about giving, but it also gives us a great excuse to eat and drink whatever we like (emphasis on the drink). Get in the festive spirit with some unique cocktail mixtures this year, guaranteed to make you feel merry. I know you can’t resist…

  1.  Magical Mimosa

We’ve all had champagne and orange juice, or Bucks Fizz as it’s usually known, but it turns out that the extra special ingredient we’ve been missing out on is a splash of amaretto.

Magical Mimosas. Photo: Brooke Lark via Unsplash
  1. Christingle Cocktail

I’m not sure if you’ve ever made a christingle, but this year let’s skip to the good bit and just put the orange to good use. Pour some orange gin, orange juice and lemonade into a glass, then place a big old slice of orange on top for garnish. 

Christingle Cocktail. Photo: Adam Jaime via Unsplash
  1.  Merry Cherry

If you’re craving the sweet sweet taste of cherry, get a load of this. Mix amaretto, cherry Sourz and grenadine with some soda water.

Merry Cherry. Photo: David Hunter via Unsplash
  1. Naughty Milk & Cookies

Maybe this is what Santa secretly drinks between delivering presents. Whilst it looks like ordinary milk, it’s actually white chocolate liqueur, rum, vanilla vodka and cream. Serve with candy canes and cookies for the ultimate treat.

Naughty Milk and Cookies. Photo: Natalie Grainger via Unsplash
  1. Don’t Be A Grinch

Hopefully there are no grumps in your household this Christmas, but if there are, you can cheer them up with a glass of this green goodness. Midori melon liqueur, white rum and lemonade will do the trick.

Don’t Be A Grinch. Photo: The Toasty Kitchen
  1. Silent Night Sunset

If you’re still in summer mode, you’ll like this hint of tropical flavour which still embraces the Christmas magic. Crushed ice is your friend to try and achieve the colour gradient – you’ll want to pour pineapple juice, almond syrup and lemon juice over it first, then add your Empress 1908 Gin on top for a wave of purple. Realistically, any purple gin you can find will do the job, or even some food colouring if needed!

Silent Night Sunset. Photo: Sean Hsu via Unsplash
  1.  Gingerbread Martini

Get a little bit of festive spice in your life with this tasty dessert drink. Combine Baileys Irish cream, vodka and caramel or gingerbread syrup, then top with gingerbread men floating on some whipped cream.

Gingerbread martini. Photo: The Cookie Rookie
  1. Santa Clausmopolitan

Cosmos are great, and unquestionably festive thanks to their colour. Add your usual vodka, cranberry juice, and dash of lime, but include some orange liqueur too if you want to give your taste buds that extra festive burst.

Santa Clausmopolitan. Photo: Laure Noverraz via Unsplash
  1. Winter Sidecar

For those feeling classy this Christmas time, whip up a Winter Sidecar using clementine juice, cognac, and Martini Bianco, complete with a cinnamon rim.

Winter Sidecar. Photo: Jamie Oliver
  1.  Classic Snowball

I’m sure you’ve forgotten these existed – they are nostalgia in a drink. To be reminded of Christmas past, shake up some Advocaat and lime juice or cordial, then top up with lemonade.

Classic Snowball. Photo: Sainsburys
  1. Pomegranate Sparkle

Fizzy wine is not for everyone’s taste, but why not make it a little more interesting by mixing it with some pomegranate juice and gin, before garnishing with rosemary.

Pomegranate Sparkle. Photo: Edward Howell via Unsplash
  1. Hot Toddy

Especially good for fighting off winter illness, a Hot Toddy is made up of whiskey, honey, lemon juice and cinnamon.

Hot Toddy. Photo: Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Not relaxed enough to think about Christmas cocktails yet? You must’ve left all your gift shopping until the last minute. Let us help you out with some last minute gifts for kids, or easy Secret Santa ideas.