Brits Share ‘Code Words’ We Use Every Day And People Are Frustrated


Did you know any of these ‘code words’?

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People in Britain have been disclosing elements of their ordinary speech that, when taken out of context, nearly function as a secret code and indicate something quite different.

There are several ways to speak a language, as well as different ways that native speakers and individuals who live in that language speak it. This makes language a fascinating but frequently perplexing subject.

For instance, the French language has a complete style known as “Verlan” that is derived from rearranging syllables in existing words to form new ones.

What chance does someone who studied GCSE French have against that?

However, native English speakers struggle with that just as much as the average part-time French speaker does.

People have been sharing a number of “code words” that UK residents use that appear to signify one thing but frequently mean the exact opposite over on Reddit.

We’re talking about calling someone a “c***” while they are your friend and a “mate” when you are angry.

Although not unique to the UK, that is a good illustration.

But, let’s allow the people of Reddit’s ‘Ask A Brit’ sub tell us what they reckon.

One common example was ‘I’ll let you go’, which one user explains actually means ‘I want to leave now’.

See also: ‘I won’t keep you’, ‘I’ll let you get on’, and ‘Better let you go’.

According to one user, that actually means: “I have nothing more to say to you and no longer wish to interact, now f*** off.”

Another comment got a bit more specific: “Here in Wales it’s ‘now in a minute’, meaning an indeterminate period of time somewhat longer than a minute.”

Other suggestions included ‘interesting idea’ actually meaning ‘what a load of s***’, and ‘I’ll think about it,’ which actually just means ‘no’.

One said: “I beg your pardon = The f*** did you just say to me, you little s***?”

“’I’ll look into that’ translates to ‘I’m not wasting my time on that s***’”, said another.

“That’s fine [means] – that is really awful,” another commented.

“As a reply to a yes/no question: “’Yeah, no’ = no, ‘No, yeah’ = yes,” read one comment.

Told you it was confusing, didn’t we?

Still, as one person points out in the comments, there’s no greater and more all-encompassing sentence than: “Right, I’ll just put the kettle on.”

If you’re ever stuck, just go with that.

‘Silent Walking’ Is A Trend Taking Gen Z By Storm

This new trend has gone viral!

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People born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s are referred to as Generation Z, and they occasionally regard themselves as prominent members of modern society.

Some of their advice include ditching skinny pants and freaking out over the ‘bed rotting’ fad.

But there’s something else that’s taking Zoomers by storm right now.

Mady Maio, the co-host of the Okay Sis podcast, claims to have ‘unintentionally sparked a movement’ that will ‘transform your life’ in a TikTok video.

This is referred to as ‘silent walking’. What exactly is this, you may wonder? Allow me to explain.

It is something that almost everyone did before technology became a key part of our daily lives.

In essence, it entails going for a stroll without a phone, without engaging in any technological distractions, such as music or podcasts.

In the video, which has racked up just under 500,000 views, Maio says: “No AirPods, no podcasts, no music. Just me, myself, and I.

“And at first I was like f*** no, my anxiety could never – which is probably what you’re thinking – but something within me was like let me just try it.”

The podcaster claims that after two minutes of “mayhem,” she quickly entered a “flow state,” during which you can “suddenly hear yourself.”

The ‘clarity’ Maio had been seeking has finally come to her, she tells her fans, thanks to her ‘silent walking’.

“Look, the universe and your intuition comes to you through whispers, so if you’re never alone with your thoughts and you never get quiet you’re gonna miss the whispers,” she continues.

“And those whispers are the most important to be paying attention to… suddenly all these ideas are flowing into me because I’m giving them space to enter.

“Look, if I can do it, you can do it. I promise, just try it out… Give yourself the gift of getting quiet and listening to those whispers.”


If the words “hot girl walk”, “everything showers” and “bare minimum Mondays” mean little to you besides sounding like the names of indie-rock girl bands, chances are you’re of a generation beyond the grasps of Gen Z’s online trends. It also means you’re unlikely to have heard of “silent walking” – the latest TikTok sensation to take teens in its hot little hands. What is silent walking, you ask? Well. It’s going for a walk without a phone, music, podcasts, or any sort of technological distraction. The response to this new “trend” can be divided into two categories. Category 1: the digital generation. “An hour without my phone?! Sorry, my anxiety could never. If I spend a single second with my own thoughts I might literally (see: figuratively) die.” And category 2: the rest. “No technology? Pah! Back in my day we walked with nothing but bare feet, sixpence and gumption!” Which one are you? #silentwalking #genz #socialmedia

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The term “silent walking” was supposedly coined by New York City influencer Arielle Lorre back in January, so while Maio may have been the one to popularise it, she wasn’t the one who came up with it.

She too has spoken about the benefits of silent walks – saying that she feels all her senses instantly go to high alert.

Lorre explained: “I smell everything, I hear everything, I am seeing everything, and it’s so grounding for me,” she said.

“I know the hot girl walk had its moment. I’m trying to make the silent walk girl, or guy, or whatever, a thing.”

The reaction to this new trend has been mixed on social media, with some people sharing their experiences with ‘silent walking’.

One person writes: “I’ve been doing this for two months daily. And it’s GAME CHANGING.”

Another viewer shares: “I tried this! All my brain could think about was the last TikTok I saw. I had ‘white people taco night’ song stuck in my head for an hour.”

“I love silent walking!! Great for manifesting,” adds a third.

However, others have mocked the video as Maio has seemingly claimed that walking without technology is this revolutionary, therapeutic technique.

One person says: “Is this real? This is just walking… like how people did it before technology.”

“Gen Z just discovered walking y’all” writes another person – accompanied with laughing emojis.

Someone else pens: “So just going for a walk like we all did in the 90s???”

Even though people are laughing and making fun of this new fad, it does show how reliant on technology we all are. In fact, some people think going for a 30-minute walk without using any technology is “game-changing.”

Numerous studies have shown that spending time online can have a drastic impact on your mental wellbeing.

According to Science Daily, an over-reliance on your device can lead to lazy thinking and can significantly reduce our cognitive thinking – the mental process that we go through to understand information and turn it into knowledge, as per James Cook University.