Antiques Roadshow Guest Shocked At Value Of Winston Churchill Hat He ‘Found In The Dump’


Can you believe he found this hat in the dump!

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a common adage, but it’s usually not intended literally.

Winston Churchill’s hat was discovered at a waste site by one man, who then made the find of a lifetime. (You read that right, it’s true!)

Although you would think his story was a bunch of nonsense, experts on Antiques Roadshow agreed and said the historical artefact could be worth an incredible amount.

Expert Mark Smith was astonished to find a package of the former prime minister’s personal things, which included a black top hat, a glasses case, and a picture of Churchill during World War II, airing on Sunday night.

As if that weren’t enough, the visitor had also discovered letters from a member of the politician’s staff that had been preserved for more than seven decades.

Smith was astounded by the big haul and questioned the visitor where they had gotten it since only a small portion had been featured on the BBC show.

The guest replied: “From the dump,’ adding that he had worked there for 15 years and he was allowed to ‘pull out whatever I like’.”

The man disclosed that he had gathered three sheds’ worth of antiquities from the landfill, when most people would keep their hidden treasures to themselves.

He continued, explaining about the collection: “I’ve got loads of letters, over 200 letters from this same load and it was from a mother to her son.”

The woman who served as Churchill’s cook and her husband, who served as his butler, retained the mementos from the former prime minister.

“She used to write to her son every day about the daily goings of Winston Churchill, what he was getting up to and how he was feeling and just interesting stuff about him.”

Even more valuable items included a cigar that had been stored and a signed portrait that was sent to a former employee.

Antiques expert Smith evaluated the collection and predicted that it would sell for at least £10,000 if it were placed up for sale.

It’s partly because of the remarkable letters, which were important in establishing the authenticity of the objects as genuine Churchill mementos.

Not bad considering it was rescued from the landfill.

Having spent nearly two decades working at the site, the guest was elated by his sudden windfall, just saying: “Oh my god!”

It really does go to show that you can get cash for trash!

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