50 Cent Throws Microphone At Fan In Frustration


50 Cent has caused havoc at his latest set of gigs.

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On Wednesday night, August 30, during his thrilling show in Los Angeles, American rapper 50 Cent brazenly hurled a broken microphone into the audience.

The result of this rash deed left a fan with a painful head injury, causing social media to erupt in frustration. While the viral video footage continues to excite viewers across the world, the specific location of the device’s landing remains a mystery.

Credit: 50 Cent

According to Page Six, the victim of this unexpected tragedy has been named as Bryhana Monegain, a presenter at radio station Power 106.

Watch footage of the assault below:

@7newsaustralia Rapper 50 Cent has hurled a microphone into a crowd at a concert leaving a woman with a gruesome head injury. #50cent #microphone #concert #7NEWS ♬ original sound – 7NEWS Australia

Monegain recounted the terrifying encounter, revealing that the microphone impacted her forehead with terrible force, creating a gruesome injury.

According to TMZ, woman has filed a police report, officially designating 50 Cent as a suspect in a criminal felony violence.

Credit: Bryhana Monegain / Instagram

The rapper suffered a number of technological difficulties while performing at the Crypto.com Arena as part of his highly anticipated Final Lap tour 2023.

Multiple videos circulating online show 50 Cent being handed a series of defective mics, the first of which he carelessly dropped at the stage’s edge.

However, when confronted with another defective gadget, his rage flared, resulting in the strong throw that mistakenly struck Bryhana Monegain in the midst of the ecstatic throng.

Time will tell to see what consequences the famous rapper has to pay for a few seconds of frustration.

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