30 Celebrities Who Appear To Have Lived Before


These celebrity lookalikes are so uncanny. It’s enough to make you question if time travel exists.

Check out these well-known people in their earlier guises. You’ll be startled to see Jay Z in his favourite Harlem hangout in 1939, Vladimir Putin as the mighty King Louis XII, and the lovely Zubeida Thanwar resurrected as Jenifer Lawrence.

1. Matt Damon’s Wedding Day 1961

Credit: Coffeeandtrout , Jon Furniss

2. The Resemblance Is Spooky

Credit: Mwjstone14 , Jeff Vespa

3. What Are The Chances They Were Friends In A Previous Life

Credit: Tackytick

4. Eddie Murphy Must Be A Time Traveler

Credit: Mattstopera, Jon Kopaloff

5. Thirteen Year Old Looks Identical To Natalie Portman

Credit: Usertwothree

6. Ever Wonder What Steve Martin Would Look Like As A Victorian Woman

Credit: wehaveavisual, M. Von Holden

7. Get A Load Of Vintage Dexter (Michael C. Hall)

Credit: yeahmanprettymuch , Jenny Anderson

8. Harlem 1939 And Jay Z

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Schomburgcenter

9. This Woman Looked Like Barack Obama In 1962

Credit: BigDanRT

10. Egyptian Actress Zubaida Tharwat (1940-2016) And Jennifer Lawrence

Credit: Frederick M. Brown

11. These Have To Be Related

Credit: W00dzy87 , harrypotter.wikia.com

12. It’s Like MJ Modelled Himself On This Egyptian Bust

13. A UK Miner From Liverpool Charles Burns And Justin Timberlake

Credit: Tyne and Wear Archives

14. Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Leader Mahir Cayan (1946-1972) And Jimmy Fallon

Credit: Fallontonight

15. Man From The Painting Pope Gregory IX Approving The Vatical Decretals And Sylvester Stallone

Credit: Web Gallery of Art

16. Arya Stark’s Double In 1936

Credit: amazon.com , Gamble_MK9

17. This Tennessee Man From 1870 And Nicolas Cage

Credit: Michael Buckner

18. This One Is Just Uncanny

Credit: amazon.com , yarbage

19. Matthew McConaughey In A Previous Life

Credit: EmberRainbow , Frazer Harrison

20. Roman Emperor Caligula And Jack Gleeson

Credit: Roger B. Ulrich

21. Hugh Hefner and Taylor Swift

Credit: Christmaspencil , Jon Kopalo

22. Spanish Painter Diego Velazquez (1599-1660) And Peter Dinklage

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez

23.Spotted This Daniel Radcliffe At Band On The Wall Manchester In 1940’s

Credit: Gaztruman

24. Man From 1860’s And John Travolta

Credit: Jason Merritt

25. Five – Star American General And Field Marshal Of The Philippine Army Douglas Macarthur (1880-1964) And Bruce Willis

26. Bedouin Woman From The 1900s And Elijah Wood

Credit: Library Of Congress

27. James Franco’s Twin From Another Era

Credit: MMantis , Alberto E. Rodriguez

28. Portrait Of A Young Man By Barent Fabritius And Michael Jackson

Credit: Phil Dent

29. Emperor Maximiliano Of Habsburgo And Nicolas Cage

Credit: Jemal Countess

30. Union Army Soldier Marshall H. Twitchell (1840-1905) And Conan O’Brien