25+ Easy Halloween Decorations For Indoors And Outdoors


There are more listicles with easy DIY Halloween decorations coming out in October than ghosts going to Mali-boo for their holidays. The problem is those decorations are hardly “easy” and we at Social Junkie want to give you some support during these scary times.

To help you to trick or treat yo’ self – and the children, here are 25+ easy (truly easy) Halloween decorations to “creep it real spooky”.

1. As mum used to say: “Eat, drink and be scary”. Yes, this is a true marshmallow ghost bouquet. And, yes, this is a black marker with edible ink off of Amazon. You are welcome.

2. If you want a simple way of making plastic bottles creepier than their potential to pollute the oceans, slip a battery-powered light inside those old milk pints and draw a little face. That oughta “lift your spirits”.

3. Have you got a bowl? Good. Have you got a pumpkin? Great! Now, cut the pumpkin and insert the bowl into the pumpkin. Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

4. I’m pretty sure you will have the tools to make this one. Bam! A scare is born.

5. Not everything that is spooky is a ghost. With this decoration made of toilet paper and googly eyes, you will be elected Mummy of the Year!

6. Cranberry juice with bloody eyeballs in an empty jam jar. Hallow-queen, we bow before thee.

7. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins galore! Wrap them in the bittersweet vine. Or don’t. Either way, life is gourd!

8. All that wine drinking did have a use after all. Paint the bottles in black or red using any kind of spray paint, stick a candle at the top and have a howling good time!

9. If your cauldron is unavailable because it is being used to cook a potion to make your manager disappear, you can just pop some dry ice on any glasses, bowls or pans you find around the house. You can easily find dry ice online to make your decorations eerie-sistible.

10. There is no Halloween without cobwebs. That’s just the law. Thankfully, you can find them quite easily in any shop. You can either use artificial ones or simply stop dusting the house. Both methods are scientifically proven to work. No need to spend too long researching “on the web”.

11. Put some icing on top of a store-bought cake. When it comes to Halloween, there is nothing wrong with being a “basic witch”.

12. Fancy an abandoned mansion lewrk? Spread a bit of cobweb across a mirror, add some autumn dry branches from your garden and top it off with candles. Hello boo-tiful!

13. If your broom no longer serves its transportation purposes, you can hang it in your front door for decoration! No idea how to drill a hole in your door? Witch, please! Just use double-sided adhesive tape instead of nails.

14. Dig a hole in a pumpkin, stick a bowl in it, add some sweets. You are never too cute to spook.

15. Empty tin cans, black marker, toilet paper. Shake your boo-ty!

16. Skull candle holder? I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.

17. Remember those crepe paper art lessons? Time to put them to use with these crepe paper ebony flowers. Everyone will be “dying” to have fun.

18. Let that big candle drip all over the candlestick for added spookiness. These candles look great if you let them burn freely. It’s almost like they were “bone to be wild”.

19. Googly eye chocolate, anyone? You can find them anywhere. Just make sure they really are chocolate instead of human…you know…for legal reasons. 

20. “Paint your pumpkins” is the newest trend! White, black, pink. It’s a great game to play with the kids and get everyone laughing till they are coffin.

21. Anything looks scarier if you write “RIP” on them. Anything. Stick a “RIP” cracker on your dessert and Boo-yah!

22. Who said Halloween was all about black decorations? White flower baskets can also be a fa-boo-lous Halloween decoration.

23. Apothecary jars filled with bright orange leaves, or candy. Hey boo-tiful.

24. Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern. Buy one online!

If you are tired of your DIY Halloween decorations looking scary for the wrong reasons, we have two words: fall and foliage. Glue them to a picture frame. Boo Felicia.