Themed Christmas Trees For A Grinchless Holiday


Although Christmas is a religious holiday, Christmas parties can be slightly unholy and so can the Christmas Trees.

Christmas is a time for family gatherings, for gratitude and prayers, yada yada yada. Yes, but what we really like about online Christmas are the stunning and creative trees we can find online.

There are different versions of the history regarding the Christmas tree tradition, but Germany seems to have created the first ones in the 16th Century. Devout Christians would bring decorated trees into their homes and some would even build Christmas pyramids of wood.

Nowadays, there are Marvel themed trees, Lego trees that don’t leave your floor all dirty, Disney themed displays, Grinch-invaded conifers, I mean, pagan Christmas trees are really fun and we gathered the most striking ones for you below.

The Grinch keeps trying to steal Christmas every year and every year he fails. I do appreciate his persistence, but at one point he should give up certainly. While we wait for the Grinch’s resolve to run out, we can still decorate our trees at the Grinch’s expense. These legs are one of our fave decorations as they can be purchased on Amazon for less than £7 ($10). You can decorate your tree as usual and stick the legs in them. It will immediately up your tree game without a lot of effort, which is everything we all need these days.

YouTube: Hami Gadgets

If you think you love Christmas trees you should check out this family who have 444 trees erected inside their home!

Credit: Amazon

Many historians believe that Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, was the first to add candles to a tree as a Christmas decoration. The story tells that Luther was walking back home one winter evening whilst composing a sermon. At one point, he looked at the sky and saw the twinkling stars shining amidst the trees. He then tried to recapture that beautiful sight for his family by wiring lighted candles to the branches of his family tree. A bit of a fire hazard, yes, but I say what is the danger of a few candles catching fire in comparison to the magnitude of the whole business Martin Luther has started?

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