Boyfriend Transformed Our Grotty Old Caravan Into A Barbie Dream Van


EVER wished to live in a Barbie world as a Barbie girl?

So, in her own Barbie-inspired “dream camper van,” lIse Thalia Massey is actually doing it and living out her childhood desire.


In the bright pink camper, the hairstylist and her husband Steven are currently travelling around the West Coast of America.

“A fast, little fixer-upper just to go have fun,” their vehicle began. Daisy is a pink and white 1969 Cardinal travel trailer that was inspired by Barbie.

After finding it on Craigslist, Steve bought it for Ise as a gift for her 30th birthday. Ise and Steven now make a living by restoring vans, and Daisy is their second project.

People were asking whether they could hire the pink van, so the couple decided to take their van renovation seriously.


After renovating another van, Duke, a beachy blue-and-white 1963 Cardinal, they “ended up remodelling Daisy all over again” since they learned so much they wanted to improve on.

The couple, who have two children ages 15 and 16, has great ideas for their campervans and hopes to have ten in ten years.

Steven gave the following advice: “You should begin with the trailer itself. Basically, start with your foundation “


“Begin with your axle, tyres, and frame. Begin with your frame, because the frame was truly terrible the first time we built the entire trailer. We had to dismantle everything and start anew.”

Ilse and Steven handcrafted many of the personal elements in the campervans, such as the iridescent epoxy walls in the bathroom that match Ilse’s automobile.

“My husband coated my automobile in iridescent vinyl, and I wanted the bathroom to match my car as closely as possible,” she says. Insider spoke with Ilse.


Ilse, who is always looking to grow, wants to buy at least 23 acres of property and turn it into a campervan rental business.

“In Joshua Tree, there’s a place that’s doing the same thing. ‘Oh my gosh,’ I thought when I saw it. This is exactly what I want to accomplish,’ so we will undoubtedly do so “Ilse remarked.

She went on to say: “I’d like to perform weddings, birthday celebrations, and other similar events. It’s just a place where folks can camp out. That is unquestionably a long-term objective.”

Once their adolescent children are older, the couple may decide to make a trailer their home.


Once a month, the couple rents a trailer and goes on a 24-hour ‘date night,’ where they visit a lovely location that is also close by.

Ilse explained, “We just want to have a location where we can go outside and have fun, do old-school activities like we used to do when we were kids.”

“Hopefully, we’ll have grandkids someday, and we’ll be able to have a home where our grandkids can run amok and stuff like that.”


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