Eerie Abandoned Costa Del Sol Theme Park Still Has Staff Working There With Loophole Making It Hard For Them To Leave


This loophole is making it very hard for them to leave!

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Due to staff members who continue to show up and take care of the facility, a former theme park in Spain is still in excellent condition despite having been abandoned for years.

When it initially opened in the 1970s, Benalmadena’s once-famous Tivoli World drew visitors from all over the world.

All of that, however, changed when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and compelled non-essential companies to close in an effort to stop the infection’s spread.

Of course, this also applied to Tivoli World, which closed down during the lockdown but hoped to reopen later.

However, this was not the case; although Tivoli World was able to reopen, it did so for just a short time, closing its doors permanently in 2021, leaving behind a completely functional theme park that could not afford to operate.

Tivoli World is in surprisingly decent shape for an abandoned facility, contrary to what you might have anticipated. You might have thought it would be razed to make room for something new or slowly fall into disrepair over time.

That was due to a peculiar stipulation in their contract that prevented them from looking for other employment, which meant that personnel continued to come in to maintain the facility even after it closed.

According to Euro Weekly News, 87 employees were stuck in limbo because their contracts forbade them from looking for employment elsewhere even after the park was shut down.

These employees were never formally terminated; as a result, if they left their jobs at Tivoli, they would not be eligible for unemployment benefits or compensation, and if they remained there, they would not be permitted to seek employment elsewhere.

Some of these employees made the decision to continue showing up, working, and performing their respective tasks.

President of the Salvemos Tivoli group, Juan Ramon Delgado, said: “The attractions are still there, many metres of electric cable, as well as machinery in the bars and ice cream parlours.

“We haven’t been paid for 10 months, but we can’t work on anything else either because we’re discharged.

“The situation is unsustainable.”

And while some of us in that situation might turn and do sweet FA all day, that wasn’t the case for these guys.

“Despite the fact that we have no income, we do what we can to the best of our ability,” Delgado added.

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