Stabilised Footage Of Unidentified Subject Filmmakers Believe To Be Bigfoot


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Everyone enjoys a good urban legend, right? People’s inner conspiracy theorists come out when the possibility of UFOs or the Loch Ness Monster is brought up.

This rule applies to Bigfoot as well.

Only short views of the fabled creature have been given to devotees of the hairy humanoid for many years.

The 1967 film by Patterson-Gimlin serves as one such piece of proof.

The video, which Roger Patterson and Roger Gimlin shot in California, appears to depict Bigfoot ambling through a woodland.

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The video received a lot of flak for being too shaky to be considered conclusive evidence of the Sasquatch’s existence.

However, the video is now viewable in a stabilised format.

And it continues to resemble a guy dressed as a gorilla. But perhaps that’s just me.

It’s safe to assume that there are still some believers out there based on the volume of opinions posted online concerning the clip.

One Bigfoot follower wrote: “If you say it’s fake, provide proof of reason why it’s fake.”

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However, most other people were more skeptical about the validity of the footage.

One cynic remarked: “The people who think this is real are also the same people who don’t believe the moon landing was real.”

Just that one remark sparked a whole new round of debates.

A fellow non-believer commented: “Every trait it has is human except the costume. It’s not bigger than a human, it’s not faster than a human, it moves like a human. Yet, you want us to believe that somehow it’s the most elusive animal we’ve ever seen?”

When you put it that way, I guess.

Bigfoot devotees should not despair; there is yet hope.

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Even the best footage of the elusive beast to yet is credited to one individual.

Josh captured a video of a purported Bigfoot creature when he was out in the wild near Tunica, Mississippi.

Josh estimated the monster to be at least seven feet tall and said that before it stood up, he assumed he was looking at a hog.

He was praised for informing the world about his sighting.

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One admirer said: “THE BEST VIDEO TO DATE. AND IT’S 8 YEARS OLD! Congratulations Josh. You’ve held the record for some time now.”

“It looks so natural, like it’s in its element,” added another, “When you hear the crack of the wood when it rips it out it sounds like it’s got some real strength.

“Pretty convincing… one of the best BF videos I’ve seen.”