Position Most Likely To Make Women Org***, According To A New Study


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One s** position is more likely than most to make women org***, a new study has revealed.

According to a recent study, one s** position has a higher likelihood of making women org*** than most.

There’s a multitude of options, as proved by the Kama Sutra, which offers guidance and advice on various s**ual positions, techniques, and aspects of romantic and s**ual relationships.

Researchers at New H Medical in New York also just completed a new study with the goal of identifying the ideal s** position for heterosexual women to achieve org***.

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The traditional missionary posture, with a pillow beneath the woman’s buttocks to slightly elevate the pelvis, was found to be the most effective at boosting c***oral blood flow, despite the study’s limitations.

Prior to and following five various sual postures, including face-to-face sitting, face-to-face male on top (with and without a pillow), and kneeling/rear entry (doggy style), the researchers measured blood flow in the c*oris.

The face-to-face/male on top posture with a pillow under the woman’s pelvis revealed the most substantial rise in c***oral blood flow, however it increased in all positions other than kneeling/rear entry.

“The kneeling/rear entry position produces the least amount of direct c***oral contact, and resulted in a negligible increase in blood flow compared to the face-to-face positions,” the study authors wrote.


The study’s limitations must be taken into account, though.

There was just one heterosexual couple engaged, and they were well-known to the researchers and had their s** observed.

Consequently, it’s possible that the findings don’t accurately reflect what people generally experience in bed.

Additionally, rather than emphasising organisational success, the study concentrated on evaluating c***oral blood flow as a sign of s**ual achievement.

The paper explains that the pair were ‘a healthy medical doctor couple, both 32 years old’ who were ‘well-known to the researchers’.

Engaging in s**ual activity while being observed by researchers may not reflect the typical intimate experiences of most individuals.

Personal preferences and comfort levels vary greatly in the bedroom, but ultimately, people should embrace whatever brings them pleasure and satisfaction.

Nearly 20,000 heterosexual Czechs were polled in a broader study on their sexual preferences in 2020, and it was discovered that face-to-face positions were frequently favoured while looking for org***, with face-to-face positions with women on top ranking as the overall choice.

Although the research sheds light on s**ual postures and c***oral blood flow, it’s important to keep in mind that s**ual experiences and preferences can differ greatly from person to person.

Communication, exploration, and mutual consent remain key factors in ensuring pleasurable and satisfying s**ual encounters for everyone involved.