Moon Slowly Drifting Away From Earth Is Having Huge Impact On Time


Looks like the moon is affecting our time!

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The gravitational pull between our planet Earth and its the moon is weakening.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s study team has been gathering information and has determined that over the course of millions of years, the Moon is moving away from Earth and that this has a significant influence on time.

This indicates that the Moon is now migrating away from Earth and that our planet’s axis is beginning to slow down.

Credit: National Geographic

The researchers involved have been utilising a technique called astrochronology, which connects astronomical theory to geological observation, to analyse this process and arrive at this result.

It is a very helpful method for precisely measuring cycles over long timeframes.

But how exactly does the moon moving impact us? As it turns out, it could significantly alter how we interpret the passing of time.

Credit: National Geographic

Researchers have discovered that the Moon has been drifting away from Earth at an astonishingly slow rate of 3.82 centimetres per year.

To give you a sense of how slowly the Moon is moving, consider that a day on Earth will have grown from 24 to 25 hours in 200 million years.

Therefore, there is no immediate need to be concerned about longer days… we won’t be working longer days and weeks any time soon!

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