Woman Creates All-Black House Saying Colour ‘Stresses Her Out’


She certainly doesn’t like any colour!

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After stating that colour “stresses her out,” one US lady made her home the talk of the community by painting the entire inside and outside of her home black.

In order to fully renovate their 1850s Baltimore home, artist Vee Miller and her husband Derek chose to paint it jet-black after purchasing it and it’s beautiful!

Credit: Instagram:@herblackhome

I’m literally obsessed with the colour black. Like, I couldn’t live life without it,’ said the creator Vee Miller, who explained the process she went through to create the properties interior.

Colour stresses me out. Every colour has a different mood and feel. I literally wear all black. I have two tops that have crazy colours but they very rarely come out. I just love the darkness and moodiness of [black]. I think it’s very elegant, even sexy to some. And then there’s people who quite disagree

In our upper level, where the two bedrooms are, and a bathroom – that’s about 80 percent black. Both bathrooms are all black. And then our bedroom is literally all black. The walls, the bedding, like, everything is solid black, and the kitchen’s all black

Vee’s unconventional house has brought her over 100,000 TikTok fans in addition to her more than 15,000 Instagram followers (@herblackhome).

Vee gives video tours of the property  just like the one below that showcase all her black interior.

While many people are in awe of Vee’s mansion’s show, she has also received some very harsh criticism from the public, including one commenter who likened it to “the devil’s house.”

Fortunately, Vee has “very understanding neighbours” who adore having her gothic home on their street and she said ‘I was a little worried for the homeowners, like, they thought, like, this was going to hurt the value of their home.’

But fact, everyone adores this house so much that it has become the topic of conversation in the area and has its own Facebook page and Vee is very certain that her all-black decor has encouraged others to do the same.

Vee and her husband have now sold their Baltimore home and moved to another property where they are creating the same black and white interiors with some new twists.

You can follow their journey on TikTok and Instagram at @herblackhome

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