Woman Cleaned Boyfriend’s Manhood Every Week To Clear ’20 Years Of Build Up’


The maintenance task fell to his girlfriend because the man was unable to handle his own trash.

There aren’t many boundaries to what some individuals would do for love, as one woman recently demonstrated.

Forget about assigning chores; one lady admitted she cleaned her boyfriend’s manhood every week for several years in order to remove “20 years of build-up,” or “dick cheese,” as it was more colloquially referred to on Australia’s Triple J The Hook Up radio station.

The programme, which discusses “love and f,” received a call from a woman whose love knew no bounds in reality.

The unnamed woman opened the call by saying, “I had to clean my partner’s penis for three years.”

The show’s hosts, Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen, were somewhat taken aback by the unlikely chore.

Dee asked: “Excuse me?” while Pip sought to clarify what exactly that entailed: “What do you mean, clean?

“Give us more details, please.”

The caller explained that her partner’s foreskin “didn’t come back all the way” and that despite going to the doctor, nothing could be done about it.

And her companion had no intention of participating.

She was forced to do it because she claimed he “got very funny” whenever she touched his penis.

Though it might seem unnecessary, the woman continued as the hosts pressed her for more information.

She claimed to have removed “20-something years of build-up” using lubrication and a Q-tip.

At this point, Pip gasped, while Dee questioned further why the BF couldn’t manage his own bodily maintenance, asking if he was “phobic of it?”

The caller went on: “Just the whole situation of, like, his penis just freaked him out? [He] wouldn’t masturbate to that point like that’s how bad it was.”

The two hosts let out a chorused “wow” to that revelation before the called continued.

“It kind of got put down to me for three years to clean it.”

The woman said, “I don’t know why I was maintaining it.”

Dee said, “What!”

I’m just still hard to comprehend that for three years, cleaning your boyfriend’s foreskin with a Q-tip was part of your job in the relationship.

There was a caption for the brief video that read, “First there was the mental load, now there’s the d*** cheese load.” What a great picture in my head.