The Nightmare Before Christmas-Themed Monster House in Arizona


This house is incredible!

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Decorating your home with Halloween-themed decor is one thing; turning your home into a spooky mansion that looks like a monster is quite another.

Jessica Brown and Francis, a couple from Tempe, Arizona, have turned their house into a monster-themed “Nightmare Before Christmas” home. They are huge Disney fans.

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland served as the source of inspiration. There is little doubt that their daughters, ages 1 and 5, adore it to the fullest.

The terrifying home is known as “Nightmare Town,” and it is themed after the 1993 classic film. Together with Aerin and Eric of Therascapes Design, it took the pair close to eight weeks to finish the change.

Both the interior and exterior of the two-story mansion are decked out in a combination of Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Among other props that draw attention no matter what, there are three enormous jack-o-lanterns that are impersonating snowmen, a string of doorbells leading inside to the wonderland, and a headless horseman.

Each character and statue, as well as the stone walls and props, are expertly carved and hand-painted.

Outside, the porch is embellished with Halloween-themed Christmas trees, interactive Jack Skellington props, and figurines of skeletons.

The monster house’s enormous fangs are illuminated by the lights, and passersby are observed via second-floor windows.

The couple would continue to light up the house until December 31.

They typically do it from sunset until 10 p.m. Every evening, a large audience gathers to view the light show.

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