Miley Cyrus Sells Stunning Home Decorated By Her Mum For A $2.3 Million Profit


Scott Disick isn’t the only celeb flipping prime Los Angeles real estate.

Singer Miley Cyrus recently sold her home located in a celebrity hot spot, Hidden Hills, near Drake and many of the Kardashian clan. Cyrus is said to have bought the colourful pad for $4.9 million in summer 2020 and to have sold it for $7.2 million, resulting in a whopping $2.3 million profit, according to Dirt.

Miley Cyrus told Architectural Digest: “I spend a lot of my time in that chair with my dogs—some people call it the peacock chair, some people call it the clam chair”. Considering that she only lived here for a bit over a year, perhaps “a lot of time” might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Flaunting six-bedrooms and seven-bathrooms, across 6,800 square-feet in Southern California, Miley Cyrus’ home originally had a neutral palette with white walls and wooden floors but was pampered to a maximalist effect by Cyrus’ mum (and manager of 16 years) Tish Cyrus with her design partner, Mat Sanders.

The boisterous redecoration was profiled in Architectural Digest before the sale. In it, Tish Cyrus said:

“My wheelhouse is very much boho chic. In my own house, I like everything neutral. But with Miley, it’s got to feel rock and roll. There’s a lot of colour. Technicolor.”

Mum Cyrus continued: “My biggest thing is that when you walk into someone’s house,” says Tish, “I want you to know who lives there, what their personality is, what they love, and what they’re like. I know Miley so well, and we’re so close, so I was really able to do that.” 

American celebrity papers are speculating if the Hannah Montana actress is following the footsteps of Ellen DeGeneres and getting into the lucrative real state business.

To be fair, she does look comfortable. Doesn’t she? Image: Architectural Digest

An unknown source is cited several times across different publications saying:

“Miley wallpapered a powder room in Gucci tiger wallpaper and added a psychedelic-themed music studio and a glam room with leopard-print wallpaper.

“People want to live in homes that celebrities have lived in and Miley is a big star”.

The same anonymous source is reported to claim that Cyrus plans to do this for years. The source continues:

“Miley has been inspired by Ellen DeGeneres’ success in buying and selling real estate and she wants in on it,” the source said.”

We are not yet certain if Cyrus is a singer by day and a real state tycoon by night but, if she is, you’ll hear it here.