Man Finds Creepy Secret Room In His Home Of 5 Years

Hidden Room

The man has discovered a creepy secret door camouflaged into his dining room wall and it looks like the stuff of nightmares.

User u/Stickz587 posted on Reddit a video of someone (a ghost?) removing two bricks from a scary grey stone wall. The door, which is perfectly camouflaged into the wall, is located in the home’s dining room (!). As the two bricks are removed from the door, a gold turning lock is revealed. Another thing revealed after he moves the two bricks is our simultaneous horror and adoration for creepy secret doors.

After a pop, the door hinges open unveiling a room about the size of a nice and spooky cupboard. Who built this? Why build this? When build this? We even forget our grammar, so stunned we are by the vid.

The homeowner, who had no idea this storage room of horrors was sitting there behind his dining room, every night when he had roast potatoes for dinner, made a post on Reddit with a caption that reads:

“Been living in this house for 5 years, never noticed there was a secret door leading to a little storage cubby behind the dining room finish.”

The voracious online community compared the view of the cupboard to something from a “nightmare”. One comment said: “Imagine opening it up and finding signs that someone has been living there a long time.”

Another user said: “That’s some Parasite s*** right there.”

Someone else added: “Sweet murder room bro! What a find.”

Yet another user said: “Huh, that’s kind of creepy actually,” as the homeowner replied to say: “Kinda creepy but no dead bodies at least.”

The homeowner commented: “I should’ve brought a flashlight when I recorded but there was really nothing interesting I can find. Just a broom & dustpan, a 1/3 bag of concrete, some wood boards, those little indoor fence things and spare blinds.”

The man said that he did find the dining room peculiar as it didn’t match the rest of the house, but to think that it led to an entire whole room is a different story.

DimeBagJoe2 joined in saying: “If you’re using it to hide illegal guns, drugs, stolen items etc then it’s perfect.”

More terrified users shared their dream to one day have a similar surprise in their own home, while others seemed more concerned about design and decoration issues. Mammothben said: “Fun idea but useless. The door swinging in takes up the whole room.”

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