Kim Kardashian Lookalike From Essex Is Now ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Resembling Her Idol, After Spending £18k To Look Like Her


A woman who once revealed she splashed out £18,000 to look like Kim Kardashian now says her looks have ruined her LIFE.

Claire Leeson, from Waltham Abbey, Essex says she’s “sick and tired” of being compared to the reality show – despite years of trying to emulate her style.

Claire Leeson is the one on the left, in case you can’t tell.
The 27-year-old says she hates being compared to Kim after previously appearing on TV claiming to have forked out £18,000 to look like the reality star.

She is now desperate to break away from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star after being ridiculed on social media.

Claire said: “I’m sick and tired of being compared to Kim Kardashian, I am my own person.

Claire Leeson is sick and tired of looking like Kim.
“I always had a resemblance to Kim and I thought I could capitalise on that by copying her look, but it’s backfired and now I hate looking like her.

“It’s ruining my life, I’m just being ridiculed.

“People don’t understand that it’s not a compliment for me to be compared to Kim, it really upsets me.

“I feel like a bit of an idiot and I regret saying I wanted to be like her.

“I am my own person and I wish I hadn’t have gone along with it at the time.”

Claire has had a boob job and spent thousands on hair extensions and fake tan.
Claire, who had a boob job in at the age of 18, started doing her hair and make-up like the star after friends pointed out the resemblance when the hit show first aired in 2007.

She even worked as a look-a-like and wore butt pads in shoots.

In 2014, she claimed she spent £4,500 on hair extension and £1000 on spray tans to complete her look.

Claire emulates Kim’s style and used to work as a lookalike.
Now she blames her own insecurity and naivety for her bid to look like herself to the star, saying it was an “urge for attention”.

She said: “I only started watching the show a couple of seasons in after people said I look like Kim Kardashian.

“I liked her make-up and the clothes she wore so I took it as a compliment.

“She’s really pretty and everyone was trying to look like her.

“I was so low and insecure at the time, I felt like I should take the publicity because it was there.

Claire started to do her hair and make-up like Kim when she was 18.
“It was an urge for attention. I can’t tell you how low I was.

“I didn’t believe I was anything that great, so I thought if I can look like her, that will make me pretty.”

Claire began working as a look-a-like and appeared on TV, but has now hit out at trolls who believe she spent thousands of pounds on surgery trying to look like the celeb.

The glamour puss said: “People don’t believe me when I say I’ve had nothing done.

“I had a boob job when I was younger but that was for myself, I’ve never done anything to deliberately look like Kim.

“I keep being stereotyped as a surgery freak who wants to be like her but I want to be myself – it’s not my fault.”

Claire in an Instagram post.
The part-time receptionist defended herself and explained she hadn’t had any facial work done, only to be criticised even more.

She added: “All I’m trying to do is defend myself, and people are attacking me for saying I haven’t had anything done.

“I can’t win, people just think I’m rubbing it in by saying I’m natural but I’m not.

“I’m happy being myself, I’m not one for changing myself to try and be someone else.

“I just think if you go down that road you’ll end up miserable later in life because you’ve gone against your own self-worth.”

Claire says no one takes her seriously anymore and her Instagram is plagued by trolls who taunt her.

She said: “People are always comparing me to her and they will just comment on my photo and say ‘Kim’.

“They don’t realise how much this upsets me, I just want to tell people I’m me, I’m not her.

“I’m constantly being compared to someone else and no one takes me seriously.

Claire Leeson wants to be taken seriously as an actress.
“It’s ruining my reputation at a time when I’m trying to get out there and promote myself as a respectable actress.

“People are just stereotyping me.”

Claire added: “Sometimes I really wish I didn’t look like her.

“I don’t want to be anything like her anymore, the best thing I can do is be myself and break away from her.

“I was never, ever happy when I was trying to look like her.

“The best thing that has come out of this whole thing is that I’ve discovered who I really am.”