Frozen 4 Is In The Works


The series hasn’t even released the third film yet!

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Hold onto your snow boots and get ready for a double dose of frosty fun, because guess what? Frozen 4 is officially on the horizon!

That’s right, Disney’s icy empire is expanding, and it looks like Arendelle is about to get even cooler.

In a jaw-dropping revelation, Disney CEO Bob Iger spilled the frosty beans about the development of Frozen 4. But hold your snowmen, folks – details are about as scarce as summer in Elsa’s ice palace when it comes to Frozen 3.

Credit: Disney’s Frozen

We’re still eagerly awaiting the scoop on how our favorite animated gang will navigate their way back to Arendelle and what chilly adventures await.

But wait, there’s more! Before we even have a chance to let the anticipation for Frozen 3 thaw, Iger dropped the bomb that Frozen 4 is already in the works.

Talk about building a snowman at warp speed!

In an interview with Good Morning America, when asked about the eagerly anticipated Frozen 3, Iger didn’t just let the cat out of the bag – he let out a whole herd of reindeer. Brace yourselves for his magical revelation:

“Well, I’ll give you a little surprise there, Michael. Frozen 3 is in the works, and there might be a Frozen 4 in the works, too.

And I don’t have much to say about those films right now, but Jenn Lee, who created Frozen, the original Frozen, and Frozen 2 is hard at work with her team at Disney Animation on not one but actually two stories.”

Two stories, people! Arendelle is about to become the hottest (or should I say coldest?) place in the world, and we can’t wait to see what frosty shenanigans Elsa, Anna, and the gang have in store for us.

Credit: Disney’s Frozen

So, buckle up, put on your winter gear, and get ready to embark on a chilly journey that promises to be twice as enchanting and full of magic!

Frozen And Tangled Attractions To Open in Disneyland Paris

The magical worlds of Disney’s Frozen and Tangled are on the way to Disneyland Paris and we can’t wait to explore these new additions to the world famous theme park!


Revealed at the Disney Expo 23 the park will be installing a brand new area focused on the Frozen films as well as a Tangled attraction and a new English garden themed promenade connecting these areas to the existing park. Although the exact opening dates have not yet been determined, the new attractions’ photos were unveiled during the Expo.

Credit: Disney

Visitors will also be able to go to Arendelle, the location of Elsa’s ice castle walk through a Nordic-inspired village that will have a restaurant and shops to buy related merchandise.

A large 7.5 acre lake in the new area’s middle will be designed to resemble Arendelle’s fjord from the animated movie and visitors will be treated to water-based entertainment on the lake, with seats providing a 360-degree view of the action.


The characters from the movie will all be at the attraction, and visitors will be able to have their photo taken with them all!

The Frozen Ever After boat ride attraction will also be part of the new expansion based on the original found at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion in which visitors go on a voyage around the land of Arendelle.

Credit: Disney

And the magic doesn’t stop there for Frozen fans as there will be new additions to the Disneyland Hotel with Frozen themed rooms that families can book while visiting the parks in Paris.

Credit: Disney

In addition to the Frozen theme park an English garden themed promenade is also being created to connect the existing park to the new wintry area and will be joined by a Tangled theme attraction that’s family themed (as seen below).

Rumoured to be based on a teacup style ride the Tangled ride will be a fantastic addition to the park which hasn’t seen much development in all the time since its creation in 1992. With Disney having so many successful film series in recent years like the Marvel films and Disney princesses it seems wise for them to update their park and keep visitors coming back for more.


Sadly there is no definitive opening date for the expansions to the Disneyland Paris park however as the new hotel rooms are expected to be available from 2024 we should expect the park to be ready around this time also.

We can’t wait to experience these new area incorporating some of our favourite Disney movies and until then can be sure we’ll be be watching Frozen, Frozen 2 and Tangled on repeat and anticipating the magical adventures to come!

Featured Image Credit: Disney

Disney’s ‘The Marvels’ Breaks MCU Record For All The Wrong Reasons

The new movie hasn’t done as well as people were expecting!

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Hold onto your capes, folks, because “The Marvels” just had the most epic face-plant in MCU history! The movie kicked off with a box office opening weekend that would make even a supervillain wince.
We’re talking a measly $47 million in the box office till, making it the lowest opening weekend in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) history. Thor’s hammer couldn’t have seen this one coming!

Credit: Disney’s ‘The Marvels’

At first, the film was all set to skyrocket into the stratosphere, aiming for a cool $75 million to $80 million on its first weekend. But whoops, someone accidentally spilled their cosmic milkshake all over those high expectations, and they had to dial it down to a more ‘reasonable’ $60 million to $65 million. That’s like going from a rocket ride to a tricycle race in a matter of days!

Now, hold your breath, because “The Marvels” cost a jaw-dropping $200 million to produce. We’re talking Stark-level expenses here! To put it into perspective, it’s like Tony Stark throwing a party and accidentally dropping the Iron Man suit into the pool.

To add insult to injury, “The Marvels” managed to do the limbo dance under even the lowest MCU openings of all time. It slid under 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk” that brought in $55.4 million (bet Hulk’s not feeling so angry now) and even sneakily slid under “Ant-Man,” which zoomed in with $57.2 million back in 2015.

Not only did the film stumble out of the superhero starting blocks, but it also collected lukewarm reviews faster than you can say “Spider-Sense.”

Many critics gave it a ‘C grade,’ and Rotten Tomatoes served it up with a 62% score. Looks like even superheroes have their off-days, right?

Credit: Disney’s ‘The Marvels’

In the MCU universe, it seems like there’s a hint of superhero fatigue in the air. Even Disney’s big boss, Bob Iger, admitted that their plan to unleash a tidal wave of movies and TV shows might’ve backfired just a smidge. Remember “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”? Well, it had a bit of a snooze-fest at the box office, collecting $476 million and being one of the rare MCU flicks not to break even. Oops!

Bob Iger spilled the beans, saying, “We would have liked some of our more recent releases to perform better,” and added that Marvel kinda went all-out, making both movies and TV series. It’s like trying to juggle 20 flaming bowling pins while riding a unicycle – something’s bound to crash and burn!

Credit: Disney’s ‘The Marvels’

Now, if you think “The Marvels” hit rock bottom, think again. It somehow managed to scoop up $100 million less than the original. That’s like having your Iron Man suit stolen and not having any spare change for a new one! But hey, it’s not the absolute worst superhero performance at the box office. Remember “Morbius”? It was more like “Moribund” as it crawled away with just $39 million on its opening weekend.

But the grand prize for superhero movie flops goes to the 2015 “Fantastic Four” reboot, which wasn’t even part of the MCU. It barely scraped together a mere $25.6 million. Ouch! That’s like getting a paper cut with a comic book.

So, while “The Marvels” may have had a rocky start, it’s not the end of the superhero world as we know it. The MCU might just need to dust off its cape and think of a new way to save the day