Idina Menzel Announces Frozen 3 And Teases Frozen 4 and 5


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Menzel made her remarks just a few months after Kristen Bell addressed the Frozen 3 rumours as well.
YouTube: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Idina Menzel visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to speak with the host about her newest picture book, Loud Mouse. But Fallon was able to slip in a query regarding a potential Frozen 3 movie.

“We had Kristen Bell on the show not too long ago, and she unofficially confirmed, with no backing or no truth to it that Frozen 3 is happening,” 

Jimmy Fallon

“I can unofficially claim with no backing that there will be a Frozen 4 and 5. The triology and then the quadrupoly or whatever its called!”

Idina Menzel responding to Jimmy Fallon

Menzel’s comments on Frozen 3 come just a few months after Bell — who plays Princess Anna in the film — sent the internet wild when she said: “I would … like to officially announce … with zero authority … Frozen 3,”

Fallon continued by gushing about how much he enjoyed the 2019 follow-up to the well-known Disney movie and saying he’d “love” to see a third one with Menzel returning as Elsa. Menzel laughed and said, “I’d love it because I’d love to pay my son’s college tuition.

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