Director Tim Burton Compares Johnny Depp’s Backlash to Frankenstein


The famous director has given his thoughts on actor Johnny Depp.

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Longtime partners Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have worked together many times over the course of both of their careers from Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland.

The filmmaker recently compared Johnny Depp’s public fall from grace to Frankenstein in an interview with The Independent.

Credit: Johnny Depp in court / Getty Images

Burton was questioned about Depp during the interview, who received criticism following his open trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

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Burton recalled how, as a young boy, he compared society to the irate town in the Frankenstein story and how the same mob mentality is prevalent with cancel culture.

‘Here’s the thing,’ said Burton in the interview. ‘When I was a child, I always had an image of the angry villagers in Frankenstein… I always used to think about society that way, as the angry village. You see it more and more. It’s a very, very strange human dynamic, a human trait that I don’t quite like or understand.’

He told Deadline in 2022 ‘He was a bit similar to me, kind of suburban, white trash, whatever – we connected on some kind of level’.

Over the course of their Hollywood careers, Burton and Depp have worked together on eight different projects. Depp is most known for his roles in the 1990 fantasy-romance film Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood (1994), and Corpse Bride (2005).

Depp’s downfall started in 2016, when Heard and Depp went to trial on allegations made by Heard that Depp had physically mistreated her. Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against News Group Newspapers Ltd in 2020 after an article calling him a “wife beater” appeared in the British tabloid The Sun later in 2018. Nevertheless, a High Court judge rejected Depp’s appeal, stating that Heard’s abuse testimony was “substantially true.”

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Depp would sue Heard for defamation in 2020 when she wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post, leading to a court case in the US. The litigation came to a conclusion with a ruling that Heard’s claims of “sexual violence” and “domestic abuse” were untrue, which resulted in the settlement noted above.

In a December 2022 post on Instagram, Heard referred to the decision to settle and discontinue the appeals as “very difficult” and “not an act of concession” by the actors who had both contested their individual rulings.

Since the conclusion of the case Depp has gone on to star in a new movie ‘Jeanne Du Barry’ which gained him a standing ovation at Cannes film festival, joined the band ‘Hollywood Vampires’ alongside Alice Cooper the and is said to be in talks for several new movie roles next year.

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His fans will love to see Johnny Depp back to his acting glory and to celebrate an actor who has made countless films that are all part of pop culture history!

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