Brits Will Soon Be Able To Fly To Spain On World’s Biggest Aircraft


Have you ever had the urge to get up off your bum and plan a vacation? The largest aeroplane in the world, known as the “Flying Bum,” is getting ready to take off in 2026, so you can now fly off on one.

The 300-foot-long Airlander 10 is an airship that is expected to revolutionise air travel thanks to its’massive endurance and cargo-carrying potential’, according to its British designers, Hybrid Air Vehicles. It also reportedly produces ‘less pollution and noise’ than other airships.

A regular Boeing 737-800 can carry 189 passengers, but the futuristic aircraft, which has been given the nickname “Flying Bum,” can carry 100 tourists to Spanish islands including Majorca, Ibiza, and Menorca.

Much like hybrid vehicles on the road, the helium airships will use both aerostatic and aerodynamic lift with a backup of diesel-engine propellers when needed.

The result is ultra-low emissions: ‘Hybrid lift and advanced powertrain technologies deliver up to 90% fewer emissions than alternate aircraft,’ claim HAV with ‘zero emissions flight available by 2030’.

At 300ft long, the craft is roughly the length of a football fitch and the right of six double-decker buses – but this isn’t cattle-class travel.

The luxurious, cutting-edge aircrafts are intended to restore some of the lost opulence to flying.

‘Floor to ceiling windows’ and a roomy passenger interior are included.

The fact that it is “significantly less affected by turbulence compared to a traditional passenger jet” is excellent news for anxious travellers.

“It’ll be more like travelling on a cruise ship than a plane,” Tom Grundy, CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles told the Telegraph in March.